Friday, December 9, 2011

Googling "Alison Maynard"

I googled my own name last night and all that comes up are the two defamatory screeds posted about me in 2007 on by former Dept. of Justice attorney David Lat.  They come up over and over for the first five pages.  (I did not look beyond that.) THIS BLOG does not even come up!

Also coming up are photos of unattractive women, different ones since 2007. At some points there have been a whole slew of pimply women named Alison Maynard inviting you to join them on Facebook, knocking back martinis.  A lot of money is being pumped into keeping this false picture of me in the forefront, and pushing my blog down. This would explain why I do not get any traffic on this site.  People are being prohibited from finding out about it. I feel sorry for two other female attorneys, in the UK and Australia, who are named "Alison Maynard." They're being harmed by this smear campaign, too.

Several listings also come up for a business address I haven't had for 11 years, and addresses I have never had, including one in Quantico, VA.  (They transformed my P.O. box number into a zip code). Even without the ridicule, the false contact information was enough to destroy my law practice. Together they most definitely did.

In 2002, when I ran for Colorado Attorney General--my opponent was Ken Salazar--I had a stellar web presence. Here's one of the things still online (which also does not come up when "Alison Maynard" is googled.)   Some newspaper articles about my career are here; here's my issues statement from 2002--which sets forth a few of the reasons Mr. Salazar was unfit--and here's my resume. I have handled a great deal of litigation in the public interest--which means, in Colorado, fighting the corrupt governmental officials who were installed by the Mizel/Brownstein S&L fraudster/developer cabal. I do mean "installed," because they also control elections.  And I do mean Ken Salazar, as one of their stooges. So, I did get some favorable press before 2002, mostly from local newspapers; even my letters to the editor came up when my name was googled. Many of those newspapers have since been bought up by William Dean Singleton, who is "good friends with Larry Mizel" (see "The Dysfunctional Denver Post"). 

Now, all the good stuff has been scrubbed.  None of my federal complaints even come up.  There is only dung from the cockroach Lat.  Largely because of it I became the target of unending disciplinary proceedings beginning in 2007, repeated groundless charges of mental incapacity and huge monetary sanctions slapped on me summarily by the Colorado Supreme Court, the latest of which--imposed without any due process whatsoever--is $100,000. I have been stripped of everything I own, as well as my ability to earn a living. 

I continue to be ridiculed on the web.  Enough already!  I have paid my debt to society--far more than I ever owed (which was nothing).

Wouldn't you think it was time Lat shelved his stupid article, laid off the "search engine optimization," and canned his stupid website? What does it take for a cockroach to realize there are no crumbs left in the kitchen?

***Update, Dec. 28, 2011: I googled my name not long after I had posted this article. On the first page of results appeared an image of this very article, and the reference to "pimply women" had a green border around it with an arrow pointing to one woman's picture. This (along with the fact that none of my federal complaints come up) is proof positive that some hunchback with a single eye in the middle of his forehead is monitoring my posts, drooling on his keyboard, and manipulating the search engines to do me maximum harm. And he is being paid.  Maybe he is within Google itself.

I revised the text of this post, and just checked back: the image of the blog post--with the colored border and arrow--is no longer there! I wish I'd taken a picture.

***UPDATE Jan. 21, 2012: I just googled "The Real Colorado"--and THIS BLOG DOES NOT COME UP AT ALL!!! I WENT THROUGH ALL 35 PAGES OF RESULTS!***