Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Ken Salazar reading my emails?

Gee, it appears he is, although I haven't sent him any!

The New York Times on Jan. 12, 2010, had an editorial discussing a press conference Ken Salazar, present Secretary of the Interior, gave about his decision to conduct more rigorous review of proposed oil and gas leases on public lands. It was entitled, "No More 'Candy Store'" and said in pertinent part:

"The bureau [of Land Management], he declared bluntly,would no longer be a 'candy store' for an oil and gas industry that (mixing his metaphors) had been allowed to act like 'kings of the world' during the Bush years."

This is most interesting, because on Oct. 30, 2009, I sent an email out to two friends (who said they did not forward it), in which I likened Ken Salazar, Tom Strickland, and Anne Castle--now occupying the top three jobs at the Dept. of Interior--to "kids in a candy store." The context of my email was big water rights owned by the federal government. What I see is that this stricter review is not about the environment. It is about who gets the water, the oil companies (who generally fund Republicans) or the real estate developers (who fund Democrats).

I had sent an earlier email talking about the fact that, if the oil shale leases Shell Oil was granted in NW Colorado were nullified, its big senior conditional water rights for oil shale development would also probably be cancelled, for inability to show diligence. If Priority #1 goes away, Priorities Nos. 2 through 20,000 benefit from an increased water supply. Probably the juniors are water rights owned by developers represented by the Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck law firm. Tom Strickland is a former partner of the Brownstein firm and that firm RAN--I mean, it RAN--Ken Salazar's campaigns for Colorado Attorney General and the Senate. As for Anne Castle, she is a real water lawyer--who also, of course, represented developers--with Holland & Hart. Basically, the Brownstein firm, with its recent mergers with the Schreck law firm in Las Vegas and Hatch & Parent in California, has the Colorado River sewn up,

I speculated that these appointments to the top three jobs at Interior were very likely payback to Brownstein partner Steve Farber for bringing the Democratic National Convention to Denver, where Obama was nominated.

Anyway, I used the term "candy store" referring to Ken Salazar, the federal government, and leases to public lands for oil development, the same context he used it in. Hmmm.

After I saw that NY Times editorial, and emailed a few friends about this coincidence, my computer went kerflooey. I could not even get into WordPerfect. It has just spent four days in rehab.

Alison Maynard

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  1. HERE is the top appointment under KEN Salazar, in DOI, as Mr Hayes fired Burnbaum in the GULF Foul ups, in his testimony to CONGRESS:
    I. Introduction
    MARCH 15, 2012

    The Obama Administration recognizes that water is a sacred and valuable resource for Indian people and therefore has re-energized the Federal Government’s commitment to addressing the water needs of Native American communities through Indian water rights settlements. Water settlements not only secure tribal water rights but also help fulfill the United States’ promise to tribes that Indian reservations would provide their people with permanent homelands. Indian water settlements help achieve that goal, while at the same time ending decades of controversy and contention among tribes and neighboring communities over water. Indian water settlements provide certainty, which fosters cooperation in the management of water resources.

    SEE,Indian Water Rights









    I. Introduction
    MARCH 15, 2012
    Are you Phil Does pool girl ?
    After Oregon, and its AG declarations, did you file a certification of
    expatriation to renounce your U S citizenship ?
    Recall MArk was working on opposing indian water rights on arrangements with the State of Wyoming, as Stanford University worked some
    deal with the movers in Wyoming.
    Funny, his ideas on "Society", but have you not been reading he Denver Post
    on all its Sand Creek murder pieces, and all those of Westword Magazine and your lil old Cornell Dorme -mate PATTY
    What has really gone "kerfooey" with you, as you must know UDALL was sent packing, and is being kicked out of the u S Senate.
    Was Doe a disgraced DOI official, who can't spell the word "trust".
    See on Ben Knight Horse and the full matters on SAND Creek, if you are not some plant for the Fl chad filers association ?
    Be careful of FIRE water, please, and Sun Dances by the brothers of Crazy HORSE. As a politician, and ex candidate for the AG elected position in Colorado, is your only friend now the wife of Phil Doe.
    funny, on his poor writing skills on ballots on public trust doctrines in Colorado.
    Was his wring so poor, and badly crafted he keeps getting sued by Burns Figa, and the Denver S U Alumni member PAl of HAYS... ?
    Be assured you are not off the "reservation" by merely moving to FL,
    did the S U club make you a marked woman, as one old GAL from Summit once remarked : You F with Team Stanford it will F with you.
    I take it some you email are not deemed your friends.
    You might consider donation to the Crazy Horse Monument Assn.
    Sorry you don't care on real water rights, or really care about so many legal issues, and Colorado, but Gregg hobbs has made lot of hay on his latest splashes on SAND Creek(incident) in the Denver Papers.
    But, sue your emails and Minn, and Oregon, and MIT