Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whew, it's hot in here!

At long last, I've decided to step out of the looking glass and tell the real world some of the things that are going on in Colorado.

In a nutshell, it's public officials using their official powers to transfer property from the true owners to real estate developers (and other financial interests). The scariest and most powerful are the judges, who accomplish this asset-stripping by means of solemn orders which bear the sheen of legitimacy, as presumptively the result of learned deliberations on the law and full consideration of the evidence.

My experience is that the law and the evidence aren't playing much of a role.

I see, in a new light, the extensive security systems at the courthouse. Ever been to the federal court in Denver? There are at least five six-foot-tall U.S. marshals there full-time standing around at the detector taking people's cellphones away and examining their shoes. They're there to protect the judges against disgruntled litigants, see. What the marshals don't probably realize, themselves, is that litigants these days usually have every right to be disgruntled, because the courts have become the instrument by which innocent persons' property is transferred to the financial cabal, without right. I have uncovered many links between the persons who benefit from these orders, the persons who appoint the judges in Colorado, organized crime--and the CIA--which I will discuss in this blog. I'm referring to it now as the "Banking/Judicial Complex." 

I don't know how many times I've been denied discovery of my opponents' documents and witnesses, in blatant violation of the rules; had the judge threaten ME with sanctions--and even impose them--when I tried to enforce the rules; gotten nothing but a runaround, for YEARS, when I've tried to get a trial setting; and read orders which have no relationship to the evidence or the law.  And now, because I have exposed several big rackets going on in this state, involving attorneys as well as judges, I am the subject of disciplinary proceedings without end.

And, of course, it makes sense this is how an attorney--someone who knows how the system works--can be silenced. Go after her license so she can't make a living and loses her home defending herself.  Stigmatize and humiliate her, by requiring her to submit to a mental evaluation before you'll let her earn her living again. 

Never mind that what you're doing looks an awful lot like Stalin's favored method for dealing with dissidents:  put 'em in a straitjacket and send them to a mental asylum.

So this is my story. Stay tuned.

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