Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who I Am

My name is Alison Maynard and my nickname is "Sunny." I have been a lawyer specializing in water rights and land use for 24 years. I have represented citizens' groups, environmental groups, and individuals, however--not real estate developers--and many times I have taken cases on a low- or no-fee basis, to provide access to legal representation to persons and causes who otherwise would not have it. I received my A.B. in physics from Cornell University, College of Arts & Sciences, in 1976, and J.D. from the University of Denver College of Law in 1986. Here's my resume, if you want to know more.

I was the Green Party candidate for Colorado Attorney General in 2002 and my Democratic opponent was Ken Salazar. I ran because, through the litigation I have done, I know of some enormously bad acts by public officials in the Romer Administration, one of whom was Salazar. I saw them secretly carving up public lands and water rights to give pieces to developers, so I made these campaign issues.  Like one of my heroes, Ralph Nader, I was excluded from almost every forum and debate; but in the few I got to speak at, I drove some points home, many of which I will now post on this blog. They're still important, particularly given Salazar's ascendancy to Secretary of Interior. 

One would think I should have gotten an award for my dedication to my clients and exposure of corruption.  Instead, I have been subjected to an onslaught of groundless and retaliatory disciplinary proceedings against my license for over four years, as well as huge monetary sanctions imposed summarily by courts.  The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel has trumped up this string of charges, and smeared me with untruthful material.  Its mission is not to correct ethical missteps, but to discredit me, and destroy me financially.  What appears to have really set them off is some blogging I've done about judicial corruption, characterizing what I have been litigating against as "asset stripping enabled by judges."  Hoo-boy, are we not supposed to talk about that! At bottom, I believe, is a Colorado Supreme Court justice--Romer appointee, natch--named Greg Hobbs. He has met with my opponents (repeatedly) in every appeal I have brought to his court. I believe he is, in fact, telling the judges in my lower-court cases, as well as OARC, to do this to me.

I have brought a racketeering/civil rights suit, which lays out what I've been through, at least as of August 2010; and then a suit I was forced to bring in April 2011 because of the latest sanctions, this time imposed  by a Denver District Court judge.  Here is the complaint.

These suits have the federal court in a tizzy.  Eight judges and five magistrates have recused--and, although the first one has been on file since August 2009, nothing has happened.  Disclosures, scheduling, discovery, everything has been "stayed," without an ounce of authority. The State is fighting disclosures because I am insisting on the judges' emails--particularly Hobbs's.
 The latest development is a "transfer" of the case to Judge Kane, who struck my complaints and sanctioned me groundlessly about six times in the first week he was on the case. (He came on on March 29, 2011).  You can read about it all in my "Motion to Recuse Judge Kane", filed April 15, 2011. He is closely associated with the same Democratic cabal whose corruption I have exposed.

This will give you a taste of what's going on in this state.  It doesn't bear any resemblance to the American judicial system we learned about in 8th grade civics.  It looks a lot more like the Soviet Union.

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