Thursday, August 26, 2010

Benson and the closing of the CU Journalism School

I sent a shorter version of this letter to the Denver Post on August 26, 2010:

So is Bruce Benson, as CU president, starting to do what everyone feared he might when he was appointed, by closing the CU Journalism School? Sure, closing the school will save money, but what is a University for?

Perhaps one would close the school to forestall investigation into the frauds of public officeholders, which journalism students might be trained to do. These students might, in fact, do well to investigate Benson himself, who gave $45,000 to three Denver Public Schools candidates in 2007, the same three who invested the teachers' pension fund in "exotic instruments" which solely benefit the banks. One of these candidates, and now a DPS board member, Bruce Hoyt, is, in fact, an investment banker.

Bruce Benson's contributions to these three were not reported until after the election. Other oil companies, banks, and developers also gave big bucks to them. What could their interest be in a school board race if not to get their mitts on the pension fund? Well, it's clear their primary goal is to dismantle public education generally. They start with the school closures and progress to looting the teachers' pension fund.

And now Benson and his buds have gone to work on CU. Lots fewer eyes on the pension fund if no journalism students around.

Coda, March 10, 2011:  I was criticized by someone after I published this piece, who said, oh, the Journalism School is only being restructured to keep up with technological developments, and the intention is they'll be back soon, and do a better service to their students.  Turns out that's not correct:  a couple weeks ago, it was reported the Journalism School is staying closed.  Kaput.  Total blackout, even in the schools.  There's not going to be any news coming out of the black hole of Colorado, by golly!

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