Monday, October 4, 2010

For Those Who Would Comment (and Cannot)

I've been told by someone that he was unable to post a comment on this blog.  Without speculating why that is the case, I invite anyone who wants to post and is unable to to email me directly, at:

I'll post your comments, myself!

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  1. I could not post a reply to the matter of some charges as to you by OARC in the Moffat County, City of craig easement matter.
    I wondered if the city paid the over $ 10,000 bill of the Denver attorney?
    And if there is a court record of any contempt proceedings, and docket sheet reflecting any work of the Denver attorney, L P?
    Who signed the LOA from OARC? Did you protest or contest the claims of the judge(s) in Moffat Count?
    At the time of the so called hearing, did the one judge even have jurisdiction, if it had been assigned to another judge? Is any background set for in any LOA, or how did it just become an arranged LOA. Did the Denver attorney set you up on matters?