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I earlier wrote about the manipulation of my Google presence ("Googling 'Alison Maynard'").


When I wrote the blog post about John Gleason and his string of second mortgages, the name that Google gave it in the search bar was "Gleason's Greasin'." This was not the name I originally gave that post, although I later adopted it. I've also seen the title in the address bar change for other posts--in real time, while I am working on the post--and wondered.

Not a single one of my blog posts about "Brownstein, Hyatt" comes up in google, nor any of Stew Webb's, and I went through all 37 pages. This indicates manipulation of the results within Google itself.

Google has connections with the CIA. It is also a "lobbying client" of the Brownstein, Hyatt law firm. Norm Brownstein is a former CIA counsel deeply involved with organized crime. See the remarkable book by Pete Brewton, The Mafia, CIA & George Bush.

When, by the way, did computers start being sold with Google search bars built into the operating system? This looks like anticompetitive activity. There are other search engines out there.

I am starting my own grassroots campaign to boycott Google, and raise awareness. The impression everyone has is that computerized "bots" and web crawlers give you the search results on Google, and it's entirely neutral. This is not the case: there are human trolls directing what comes up, dripping snot on their keyboards as they ruin your life--and they have ruined mine--and then taking a fat paycheck from the banksters.

***Update, Jan. 19, 2012: Alex Jones is complaining about Google's censorship, too:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Assassination Techniques of the CIA and KGB

In his book Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton (Regnery Publishing Inc.: 2008), Robert K. Wilcox sets forth the evidence that General Patton was assassinated, the first step (the auto accident) probably having been staged by an OSS agent named Douglas Bazata on the orders of American General William "Wild Bill" Donovan (who was likely a British agent). (The second step was Patton's sudden death in the hospital two weeks later, when he was on the verge of being discharged.) Bazata--working for the OSS (later called the CIA)--has revealed his involvement in numerous assassinations, of Americans as well as foreign nationals.

At p. 209 Wilcox documents methods by which both the CIA and KGB assassinate political opponents. I quote from his book, below, as support for my "Log of Accidental Deaths," the implication being, of course, that arranging accidents and heart attacks is what the spooks do if they want to get rid of someone, and happens far more commonly than we suspect. Wilcox's footnotes are at the bottom.

"[A scenario such as introducing a harmful substance from a window into Patton's hospital room] is not far fetched in the clandestine world following World War II. Exploding cigars, poison needle umbrellas, even radioactive coffee have been publicly shown to have been weapons in the Cold War arsenals of the CIA and KGB.[11] World War II was an incubator for such grisly exotica, including biochemical assassination weapons. They were used surreptitiously by both sides. By the start of the Cold War, the Russians operated a "Special Bureau" with a lab for "undetectable means of exterminating human beings." [12] For instance, Soviet agents used an "atomizer" containing a bio-poison "which leaves no wound or other evidence of the cause of death.[13] "Natural killers" were created that could induce heart attack, "cerebral apoplexy," and other medical maladies leaving little or no trace.[14] For assassination, according to a formerly classified CIA study, "the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated." [15] In a hospital, "drugs can be very effective," the study continues, "if the assassin is trained as a doctor or a nurse and the subject is under medical care. [It] is an easy and rare method. An overdose of morphine administered as a sedative will cause death without disturbance and is difficult to detect." Bazata told the Spotlight that a form of "refined cyanide" can "cause or appear to cause" embolism.

[There follows a discussion of the Soviets' use of traffic accidents and hospitals as methods of murder. On pp. 222-23, Wilcox discusses the death of Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera, who:]

"...had been found dying outside the entrance to his apartment in Munich, Germany, in 1959. After autopsy, the death had been officially ruled the result of a natural heart attack. Little publicity was given to the death. But in a well-publicized trial in 1961, Stashinsky [a defected Soviet assassin] had testified he had been ordered by the KGB to assassinate Bandera, proof of Soviet assassination ams and methods that the outside world could not ignore. Stashinsky had killed Bandera with a specially designed gun that sprayed gaseous hydrogen cyanide in Bandera's face. The cyanide, a massive artery and vein constrictor, had induced heart failure. He had used the same "spray" gun two years earlier, Stashinsky confessed, to assassinate another Ukrainian leader, Lev Rebet--also thought to have been a natural death--and been told then that the weapon had been used successfully many times prior.

"On Patton?"


11. Judyth Sassoon, "Biochemical Assassination Weapons," Encyclopedia of Intelligence, Gale Group, 2004. (

12. John Barron, KGB: The Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents (Bantam Books, 1974), 419.

13. CIA memorandum entitled "Soviet Use of Assassination and Kidnapping," prepared in February 1964 for the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy and declassified in 1971; obtained at the UCLA Library.

14. Richard Camellion, Assassination: Theory and Practice (Paladin Press, 1977), 139.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Among the Sociopaths, Part II

This post is to provide links to my documents which establish violations of the Canons of Judicial Conduct by Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr., appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court by former Gov. Roy Romer in 1996. I will be adding to the documents in the near future.

I have grieved Greg twice (and see exhibits here and here) for his misconduct, but the Commission on Judicial Discipline has turned a blind eye.  In fact, the letter I've linked to, from the Commission's director William Campbell, does not indicate the Commission was even provided my complaint when I renewed it in 2011, and I learned later, by email, that it was not.  This, although the Commission informed me, in 2008, that I should renew my grievance if I believed Hobbs had engaged in this type of misconduct again.  It at least interviewed him, and gave him a warning, in 2008. Campbell's letter contains other misrepresentations which I will dispose of when I upload the other documents.

The 2008 grievance linked to here establishes that in every appeal of mine Hobbs has ever sat on, he has met with my opponents ex parte (even in one case with my own CLIENT) to talk to them about the case.  I showed, in the Animas-La Plata cases, that he had accepted gifts and money from my opponents, advocated publicly for the very project we were challenging in his court, and sat on boards and commissions with our opponents (one of which exists to fund development projects). I produced stunning evidence, the like of which one never normally gets, because how do you know what your judge is doing when he is not on the bench?

Greg was previously a water lawyer who represented development interests. He has remained rabidly committed to these interests since his appointment to the bench and has consistently and stubbornly refused to remain sequestered as a judge must.  It is clear he believes the Canons of Judicial Conduct do not apply to him.  He lashes out with extraordinary vindictiveness against anyone who stands in the way of his buddies the development attorneys.  I am Exhibit 1:  my trying to obtain the recusal of Hobbs in the Animas-La Plata diligence case (where he did NOT recuse, contrary to what Campbell's letter says), and then filing this grievance against him, has led to the ruination of my career as a lawyer.  I have endured five nonstop years of harassing and groundless disciplinary proceedings.

I note that the Commission has a rule that all grievances against judges are confidential.  This provision was also put into the Colorado Constitution (Art. VI, Sec. 23(3)(g)). (I don't know the year, since I do not presently have access to the Session Laws.)  I am deliberately not respecting these proscriptions, since on their face they violate my rights under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Googling "Alison Maynard"

I googled my own name last night and all that comes up are the two defamatory screeds posted about me in 2007 on by the cockroach David Lat.  They come up over and over for the first five pages, via a host of copycat sites.  (I did not look beyond that.) THIS BLOG does not even come up!

Also coming up are photos of unattractive women.  There have been different ones since 2007, at some points a whole slew of pimply, scantily clad women named Alison Maynard inviting you to join them on Facebook and knocking back martinis.  A lot of money is being pumped into keeping this false picture of me in the forefront, and pushing my blog down. This would explain why I do not get any traffic on this site.  People can't find out about it.  I feel sorry for two female attorneys, in the UK and Australia, who I know are legitimately named "Alison Maynard." They're being harmed by this smear campaign, too.

Multiple listings also come up for a business address I haven't had for 11 years, and addresses I have never had, including one in Quantico, VA.  (They transformed my P.O. box number into a zip code). Even without the disciplinary crap I endured, this false contact information would have killed my law practice.

In 2002, when I ran for Colorado Attorney General, I had a stellar web presence. Here's one of the things still online (which also does not come up when "Alison Maynard" is googled.)   Some newspaper articles about my career are here; here's my issues statement from 2002--which sets forth a few of the reasons my opponent, Ken Salazar, was unfit--and here's my resume. I have handled a great deal of litigation in the public interest--which means, in Colorado, fighting the corrupt governmental officials who were installed by the Mizel/Brownstein S&L fraudster/developer cabal. I do mean "installed," because they also control elections.  And I do mean Ken Salazar is one of their stooges. So, I did get some favorable press before 2002, mostly from local newspapers; even my letters to the editor came up when my name was googled. Many of those newspapers have since been bought up by William Dean Singleton, who is "good friends with Larry Mizel" (see "The Dysfunctional Denver Post").  Now, all the good stuff has been scrubbed. 

None of my federal complaints even come up.  There is only the cockroach dung.  Largely because of it I became the target of unending disciplinary proceedings beginning in 2007, which included baseless charges of mental incapacity and resulted in huge monetary sanctions slapped on me by the Colorado Supreme Court.  The latest of these--imposed without any due process whatsoever--is $100,000 by a crooked Denver district court judge named Michael A. Martinez, who then was anointed chief judge in reward.  Once again, as in the 10th Circuit, the court pulled this ploy of opening a new case, and calling that my appeal, in order to keep the incredible allegations and documents associated with the real appeal from ever reaching the public eye.  And then both courts dismissed the bogus case they created, when I did not play along.  I have been stripped of everything I own by these crooked courts, as well as my ability to earn a living. 

And I continue to be ridiculed on the web.  Enough already!  I have paid my debt to society--far more than I ever owed (which was nothing).

Wouldn't you think it was time Lat shelved his stupid article, laid off the "search engine optimization," and canned his stupid website?  What does it take for a cockroach to realize there are no crumbs left in the kitchen?

***Update, Dec. 28, 2011: I googled my name not long after I had posted this article. On the first page of results appeared an image of this very article, and the reference to "pimply women" had a green border around it with an arrow pointing to one woman's picture. This (along with the fact that none of my federal complaints come up) is proof positive that some hunchback with a single eye in the middle of his forehead is manipulating the search engines to do me maximum harm. And he is being paid.  Maybe he is within Google itself.

I revised the text of this post, and just checked back: the image of the blog post--with the colored border and arrow--is no longer there! I wish I'd taken a picture.

***UPDATE Jan. 21, 2012: I just googled "The Real Colorado"--and THIS BLOG DOES NOT COME UP AT ALL!!! I WENT THROUGH ALL 35 PAGES OF RESULTS!***

***Update, July 28, 2017:  I have substantial evidence that the person responsible for planting the  stuff with Lat originally, "optimizing" the Google results, and involved in pushing the disciplinary siege against me is a former Deputy Secretary of Interior and Notre Dame grad--another Catholic and classmate of Greg Hobbs, in other words--named David J. Hayes.  The reason he had to destroy my credibility is that I exposed false statements he made to Congress, the public, and courts pushing the billion-dollar Animas-La Plata project as a "settlement" of Ute water rights claims.   I had shown that the Utes had no valid claim whatsoever, so nothing to be settled, per a prior United States Supreme Court opinion which Hayes and his cohorts had suppressed.  Hayes should be in prison.  Instead, he managed to destroy my career and credibility, and enjoys a prestigious position at Stanford.  The truth has never come out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fear and Loathing in the Tenth Circuit

I really must document some of the shenanigans being pulled by the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, where I filed a petition for extraordinary relief on May 6, 2011. "Extraordinary relief" means a writ of mandamus or prohibition pursuant to Rule 21 (F.R.A.P. 21). This is case 11-1207.

The Court told me I must file a motion if I wanted Rule 21 relief, so on August 3, 2011, I mailed a "Motion for Writ of Prohibition and Mandamus" to the 10th Circuit; and PACER--the public access electronic filing system--never showed my motion had been docketed. Because I had sent it by regular mail, it could not be traced. Thus, I remailed the motion on August 14, 2011, and paid for delivery confirmation this time. The court has now admitted it received it both times. But it refuses to file it in the case!

Instead, the court clerk opened a NEW case on August 5, case 11-1363, and put my motion into THAT. She then demanded we pay a second $450 docket fee on threat of dismissal. We didn't pay--and she dismissed it. I filed an objection in the original case 11-1207, which was referred to the "panel on the merits" on Sept. 6. It is now Oct. 28 and there has been no disposition of my objection, let alone my motion or petition.

***Update: It is now May 7, 2012, and there has STILL been no disposition of our objection.***

This is too bizarre for words. And it's far from a complete account of the runaround we've received. We were initially required to file the petition not even with the Tenth Circuit, but with the district court. We were required to ask the district court for leave to proceed in forma pauperis on appeal, and our motion is back before--who else?--Judge Kane, who denied it. It is, of course, Judge Kane's orders we are appealing, and here he was blocking the door.

Kane ultimately found that neither my co-plaintiff Jerry Lewis nor I qualified as paupers. Never mind that both of us have been stripped of our homes, all our savings, and our livelihoods by the Defendants. I finally paid the $455 docket fee for 11-1207 out of exasperation, out of the $3,000 I had left to my name, or our appeal would have been dismissed. And then, as set forth above, the court tried to extort a SECOND docket fee out of us.

What our petition for extraordinary relief is challenging is the nonrandom transfer of the case to Kane, who is best buds with the Defendants. The chief judge, Wiley Daniel, took our case out of the computerized random assignment process to shunt it to Kane, who came on like a bull in a china shop and simply struck everything he found on file, although the case had been pending for two years. The rogue judge then directed the toady magistrate, Michael Hegarty, to trump something up to get rid of us, and Hegarty did that. Never mind that he had no jurisdiction, since our appeal was already on file in the Tenth Circuit. But this is the court. They're above the law, see.

When our petition was transmitted by the district court to the Court of Appeals on May 10, 2011, the clerk--or SOMEONE at the district court, I assume Kane again--then buried it at the bottom of 101 pages of extraneous paper. Eighty-eight pages of crap were put on top of our 13-page petition before the whole thing was docketed as "civil complaint."

And then, you must PAY to access the "full docket" on PACER before you can even see the link for this 101-page "civil complaint." So I have linked to it on this blog, where people can find it without paying and without plowing through the 88 pages of impertinent paper put on top of it.

The foregoing is, of course, just the tip of the criminal iceberg known as the judicial system. Because an administrative runaround--being charged a second docket fee to get a motion considered in your case--is something the public can readily understand, I have given a blow-by-blow of one of those runarounds here; but laypeople need to know this happens all the time, usually turning on interpretation of technical rules. This gets the Court where it wants to go, which is to aid the banking/developer/insurance cabal. Always. And gets it there in the way which will be least understandable to the public (and often even to lawyers). I have a website in progress where I have detailed more of this for several cases in which matters of great public importance were ground to bits in this maw, almost always resulting in the transfer of public resources to developers. I hope people will take the time to work through it.

What else can we do but publicize the takeover and subversion of our institutions? The takeover of the courts is most terrifying and evil, since they are the most powerful. I am afraid to even return to Colorado--afraid the next judge I appear before will trump something up and throw me in jail, like they did Richard Fine.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life Among the Sociopaths,* Part I

(*with apologies to Shirley Jackson.)

In February 1989, I was hired as an Assistant Attorney General in the Water Unit, in the Colorado Department of Law. Although a newbie, I was assigned to represent three state agencies opposing the huge application of American Water Development, Inc. ("AWDI") for water rights from the aquifers of the San Luis Valley.

The federal government had filed a motion to preempt state law in the Closed Basin Project, and was supported by the opposers, local well owners represented by David Robbins and John Carlson.   Although we were all technically on the same side--opposing AWDI--this motion was not adverse to AWDI. It was adverse to the State, specifically my client the State Engineer. I realized, later, that Robbins and Carlson were trying to forestall any rule the State Engineer might develop which would require their clients to deepen their wells. The water court had told the State Engineer, Jeris Danielson, in a previous case (AZT) that he must consider imposing such a rule.

The Closed Basin project wells are very shallow. If these wells could be insulated, as a matter of federal law, from state rules requiring them to be deepened, the opposers' own shallow wells surrounding the project would also be protected "as a matter of topographical fact," as attorney John Carlson put it.

I got permission to file a brief late, and got the feds' motion dismissed on the basis that there was no conflict between the federal and state laws, so the issue of pre-emption could not be reached.   I received warm praise from Colorado Attorney General Duane Woodard.

I then set up a friendly meeting with David Robbins to discuss the AWDI case with him.   Robbins had, at that point, spent three years doing nothing but discovery (generating fees, in other words).  He indicated that he had been unhappy to "just be served with a piece of paper" (my brief). I asked if he had considered filing a motion for summary judgment to dispose of AWDI's claim for tributary groundwater, based on speculation.  A judge in Water Division 4 had recently dismissed the application of another private entity for water rights (NECO) as speculative, because it had no contracts to provide water service anywhere.  The same was true of AWDI.

Robbins's face got flushed.  He backed me up against a wall in his office, yelling threats against Jeri Danielson and shaking his finger in my face.  I pushed him away and said, "You are not to make threats against my client," and left.

Right around that time there was a bill pending to abolish the 100-year-old office of State Engineer. That failed. Danielson believed Robbins was behind it.

Robbins began meeting with my clients and supervisors behind my back. I learned about one meeting he set up with Bill McDonald, the director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, to discuss AWDI.  I wrote Robbins a letter telling him he  could not meet with my client without my consent, and that I planned to be present.  When I arrived, however, the receptionist told me they had "rescheduled" for another location, not saying where.  Robbins also, along with attorney Bill Paddock, set up a meeting with the Division Engineer for Water Division 3, Steve Vandiver, to "prepare him for his deposition" to be taken by AWDI. Vandiver was, again, my client. When I objected, I was begrudgingly told I could attend!  Robbins then invited Vandiver to a Superbowl party at his home in Park Hill in January 1990.  He did not invite me.   I learned Robbins had had discussions about the case with the director of the Division of Wildlife, Perry Olson, also my client.

One meeting, at which the State Engineer's modeler DeWayne Schroeder made a presentation to the opposers and their attorneys of his hydrological model in the San Luis Valley, turned into a feeding frenzy. Robbins and Paddock and their clients were yelling at Jeris and Schroeder, with me ineffectually trying to mediate. Sometime after my meeting with Robbins in his office, I accidentally saw a phone message on my supervisor Lois Witte's desk that Robbins had set up a meeting to discuss AWDI with Attorney General Duane Woodard. I was the attorney on the case, and didn't know about it. I showed up (with my co-worker Wendy Weiss), and Robbins seemed taken aback. He never mentioned AWDI, but babbled to Duane about the Arkansas River litigation. At yet another meeting, which Wendy also attended, we were sitting around a small table with the other attorneys, and John Carlson, Robbins's co-counsel, who represented the San Luis Valley Water Users Association, came at me shouting threats, and pounding his fist on the table.

 The meetings Robbins had with my clients behind my back were, of course, a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, but I never filed a grievance--I knew nothing about the process and had no yardstick for knowing when one actually did that.

But I should have, because what this was was the beginning of a big campaign against me personally, for innocently suggesting something which would have ended the case--and stopped Robbins's meter running.  I was prohibited from filing this motion myself: Woodard summoned me to a private meeting at which he instructed me not to file any motions in the case--just to "let the sleeping giant lie."  He blasted Jeris Danielson, the client of our office, and told me how Danielson had alienated Roy Romer, Chips Barry, etc. I was astounded, since his instruction that I not exercise my independent judgment in the case was unethical, and he was telling me to ignore and even subvert the needs of our client.

I became aware that meetings were being held about AWDI among Lois Witte, the deputy attorney general for the Natural Resources section; Attorney General Woodard; Chips Barry, the director of the Dept. of Natural Resources; legislators from the San Luis Valley; David Robbins; and possibly Gov. Romer. I, the attorney on the case, was not invited to any of these meetings. I realized with growing discomfort that they must be talking about ME.   A new First Assistant was appointed, Linda White, who was assigned to "supervise" me in AWDI, although I had won on everything I'd done in the case. I began to be summoned into Lois's office and reamed by her, for no reason. She would abuse and berate me behind closed doors, saying there were "complaints" that I was "causing problems in the case."  I asked her what was being said and what she meant, and she would not tell me.  She began summoning me away peremptorily from meetings with clients and research in the library, simply to harass me in her office.  

I had worked as a geophysicist before going to law school, and was a physics major at Cornell.  Thus, I had gotten a lot of positive attention from the powerful males who were our clients, the heads of state agencies. Once Linda--who had no experience in groundwater--came on the case, however, I started being left out of the loop, as she asserted herself. I believed (and still do) that she and Lois were both afflicted by jealousy. As self-centered as it sounds, I think professional jealousy is a uniquely female pathology, a conditioned response to a threat posed by other females, although I have been able to find nothing about it in the psychological literature.

In a nutshell, I was removed from the case by Linda and Lois, and ultimately fired from my job, without ever any notice of what had been said about me, or any opportunity to respond. I had an almost 100% "win" record in my trials. I believed then that it was solely Linda and Lois doing this, but in latter years have realized I did not reach all the way back to the root cause. That was David Robbins, who sent me down this road I could never get off of. I "caused problems in the case" by recognizing that summary judgment was available. I did not know I was not supposed to actually be functioning as an attorney and exercising my independent judgment on behalf of my clients.

After I was fired I filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General's people. The events with Robbins are not emphasized, and he was not a defendant, because I did not put two and two together at that time. But in April 2006, when I saw Robbins at the first of the Animas-La Plata trials in Durango, he came over to shake my hand and gave me a searching, apologetic look. I knew then that he was at the bottom of my travails at the Attorney General's office.

Robbins's malicious interference with my life and prospects did not end with AWDI. There is more, although each time I did not recognize that it was this sociopath pulling the strings.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lewis Ames Memorabilia

I have pasted below a photo of my fourth grade class at Lewis Ames Elementary in Littleton, Colorado (it would now be in Centennial), just for the fun of it, from 1964.

The tall blond girl smack in the middle is Marcia Smith, who is now Marcia Krieger and chief judge on the United States District Court for the District of Colorado!  (Her dad was a judge, too.)  I am the girl with glasses and braids sitting two kids down, to her left.

In front of her to her left, the boy sitting who is not holding the sign is Mark Paschall.  He was county treasurer for Jefferson County a few years ago.

I moved away from Colorado in 1966, but came back as an adult in 1979 and lived there until May 2011!  I'd sure like to hear from other classmates, if they're around. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Strange Case of Sam Hamilton

 Samuel Hamilton was the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for all of six months.  He died on a skiing trip to Keystone, Colorado,  February 20, 2010, at age 54. The coroner's statement says his death was "consistent with a heart attack."  His death certainly sounds like a heart attack, but that doesn't mean it was natural.  Hamilton did not have heart disease.  He was in good shape.  Two photos and the coroner's report (with personal information redacted) are here. Hamilton's boss was the Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, a native Coloradan.

Hamilton appeared to be a sincere conservationist, and had begun several major policy shifts as director of FWS.  I question his death, first because it happened in Summit County, Colorado, a cesspool. There is no enforcement of the law there, at least as against wealthy wrongdoers.  (Of course, if you're not wealthy, you can expect to "arrive on vacation and leave on probation"!) Second, Hamilton was replaced by a man named Rowan Gould, who had directed the federal government's response to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.  A little over one month after Gould stepped in to replace Hamilton the huge British Petroleum oil well gusher happened in the Gulf.

There is evidence that this gusher, like many other huge disasters we've experienced, was caused intentionally by insiders engineering a stockplay, or looking for government contracts.  Goldman Sachs sold 40% of its BP stock two weeks before the explosion, making $250,000,000.  Ken Salazar has been right there in the middle not only of the oil gusher, but the Summitville Mine in Colorado and the Columbine school shootings. Goldman Sachs poured a lot of dough into Ken Salazar's campaigns, and Salazar's willingness to enable, cover up, and erase liability for catastrophes to further moneymaking schemes would explain the bankers' investment in him. Anyway, Gould is moved into another job a few months later.

No autopsy was done of Sam Hamilton--inconsistent with the coroner's policy of doing autopsies routinely for persons under age 55.  In fact, the coroner was out of town:  a deputy was on duty, a Dillon police officer whose reputation for honesty in the community is not good.  No witnesses other than the Interior employees Hamilton was traveling with were interviewed, because, the coroner told me, the death occurred on Keystone's private property and Keystone "won't even give [her] the records."  So, get that:  immunity from a death investigation because you're a ski resort.  

The report says the funeral home in Denver, Horan & McConaty, had to make a special trip up to Keystone, about 100 miles away, to pick up the body.  Horan & McConaty originally told the coroner it would be up the next day, Sunday, Feb. 21. However, they called back about two hours later and reversed themselves, saying they would, instead, be up that evening.  The body was thus removed from the custody of law enforcement and embalmed in short order, making more chemical tests impossible.  There had been a toxicology test done which came up negative, but such tests are done routinely only for obvious substances such as meth, opiates, and alcohol.

Salazar's assistant called the coroner the afternoon of the death to make sure the coroner issued her own press release before the Dept. of Interior did. Even more unusual, Ken Salazar called the coroner personally twice that evening to expedite return of the body. That is obviously why Horan & McConaty changed its plan and came up right away:  it got a call from Ken Salazar.

I was told by an employee that John Horan took the message.  The employee said he would ask Mr. Horan to call me, but Horan did not call.  I then, quite by accident, learned that Brian McConaty, one of the mortuary families, is a member of the Catholic Lawyers' Guild.

Ken Salazar is a Catholic lawyer, too, and was awarded the St. Thomas More award in 2003.  I have suggested the Church may be giving this award to lawyers for putting their obligations to the Church above their obligation to uphold the law. Whether or not I'm right about that (or that principle is even relevant here), it's clear that Ken Salazar knows the mortuary owner personally, and the mortuary changed its plan at Salazar's request to expedite embalming of Sam Hamilton's body. 

Sam Hamilton's sudden death right before the oil well explosion to me is reminiscent of the sudden killing of Massoud in Afghanistan right before 9/11. Both are people I believe would have stories to tell on the U.S. government, real knowledge and reason to be suspicious if they were then to see the disaster take place.  If the government itself planned the disaster, they would be wise to it, and the plan would logically include getting rid of these people beforehand.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

History of the Romer Ranch

On March 31, 2011, the Denver Post did a big piece on Chris Romer, who is running for Denver mayor.  Chris is the son of Roy, who was Colorado governor from Jan. 1987- Jan. 99; state treasurer, state ag commissioner, and a state legislator before that

I don't know much about Chris--but I do know quite a bit about his dad, and think I need to round out the saintly picture the Post painted of Roy as a "state legislator who ran for the U.S. Senate in 1966 as a dove against the Vietnam War" and "civil rights activist."

What Roy really was (maybe still is) is a real estate developer. He did several subdivisions in Jefferson County in the 1960's and 70's, along with his partner Harley Hamilton, as Harley confirmed at p. 31 of his deposition in 1998.

(I am pretty sure he worked in Park County, too, although Harley says he didn't.)  I've seen Romer's signature on the plat for Burland Estates and been told Romer did the Safeway shopping center in Conifer. Romer's financial disclosures showed (Appendix B) that "Evergreen Meadows Land Co." owned 1,400 acres in Gunnison County, so that must have been his company.

Romer's primary focus was to grease the skids for real estate developers, as well as to "liberate" chunks of public property for them, through his appointees on various boards which control state property.  One board which controls a huge amount of public land and water rights is the State Board of Land Commissioners, charged, by the Colorado Constitution, with managing the approximately 3 million acres of state trust lands left from the original grant of 4.5 million acres the United States made to Colorado on statehood.  The bulk of these are "school lands"--for the support of the common schools. 

After Romer became governor, things changed dramatically at the Land Board.  He replaced long-time employees with cronies, including a man named John Brejcha who came in as "deputy director," whereupon state trust lands began flying out the door to developers for pennies on the dollar.  Brejcha's primary "qualification" was working at three branch offices of Empire Savings & Loan in the 1980's (one of which he managed).  See Brejcha's deposition, pp. 10-11.

Empire was one of the biggest criminal savings and loan fiascos ever prosecuted by the federal government. Thus, John Brejcha came out of the S&L cabal which took over this state in the late 1980's, and he is the "point man" for dispositions of state lands to developers.  I have several times caught Brejcha lying to his own board about the value of state lands, to make the low-balled price the developer has offered seem like a good deal.

Because of public outcry over these deals by the mid-1990's, Roy Romer--the source of the problem--pointed to the requirement in the Colorado Constitution  that the Land Board maximize revenue when it disposed of state trust lands.  He said we needed to remove this requirement to give "flexibility" to the Land Board  to manage these lands for their environmental values, and stumped for an amendment in 1996, Amendment 16.

When Amendment 16 was proposed, a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, Dan Luzadder, noted that tens of thousands of dollars were being given to this supposed environmental measure by big corporate leaseholders.

Here are the campaign contribution reports. Crested Butte Mountain Resorts (CBMR) gave $10,000; Vail Resorts gave $25,000; East-West Partners gave $10,000; Union Pacific (Anschutz's company) gave $15,000; Coors gave $5,000  (and also gave $1,000 to Romer in 1994); and Daniel Ritchie gave $1,000 (and another $1,000 to Romer in 1994). Roy Romer got a lot of favorable press for his own selflessness in taking out a $20,000 "personal loan" from Key Bank to put towards the measure.

Two years later (1998), in discovery in one of my cases against the Land Board, I got this document, which shows that, after the amendment passed, CBMR, Union Pacific, Ritchie, and "Coors Energy" became the proud new owners of state trust lands. . CBMR got 5,061.6 acres valued at $4,375,000. Coors' piece, in Weld County, was 640 acres valued at $101,250.00 (which I assume included mineral rights, but don't know). Union Pacific got 91.82 acres valued at $660,000.00. Ritchie got 8,7973.14 acres in Grand County for $205,000, or $22/acre. A Douglas Stratton, presumably related to Mike Stratton--a consultant for Romer and real estate developer--got 480 acres valued at $69,300.00. John Salazar got 82.57 acres for $5,162.  ($62.50/acre).

The most important new owner was Roy Romer himself.  After the amendment passed, he stepped down from office and acquired, in the name of his family trust, a valuable piece of state trust land in Park County of 320 acres, for under-market value.  Chris Romer hyped it as a great deal for the public.  It was a three-way transaction:  Roy talked the owner of an inholding in Roxborough Park (in Douglas County) named Treece into selling it to State Parks, for which he got huge kudos; paid the money over to Treece himself; and then took the piece of land he wanted in Park County, which was obviously unrelated, and came from the State Land Board, not Parks. So the Roxborough acquisition was simply cover for his own self-dealing.  Brought to you by the guy who went around giving out awards for "Smart Growth," who liked to be known as the "Education Governor."  You gotta hand it to him for this masterful sleight-of-hand.  He also got 155 acres of BLM land in 1997. 

Thus, Romer put his ranch together largely out of public lands.  In fact, Romer had been the lessee of the state trust land throughout his years in public office, and his father before him.  Here are the SLB docs for the land swap, and old leases; and here's an article about the land swap. His financial disclosures show the SLB lease on Attachment B.

That he had leased it didn't give him any more right to acquire it than anyone else, though, although once Amendment 16 passed he was free of the worry that someone else might outbid him.  The more  important point is that he should have divested himself of the lease as soon as he took on the mantle of public office.  But only ethical people do that kind of thing.

I tried to find out from Key Bank who paid the loan back.  As my notes show, I could never get anyone to speak to me.  This means there was a $20,000 campaign contribution by an unidentified donor, in violation of law. 

So you are probably wondering why I didn't report these fraudulent transactions, particularly the Romer acquisition, to law enforcement.  Of course I did, but they didn't do anything.  I had a two-hour meeting with two FBI agents, along with attorneys for the Colorado School District Association and Colorado Education Association, in 2000.  The FBI agents handed the matter off to a new guy, requiring me to make the same presentation all over again (unbillable, of course); but he wasn't interested, anyway.  I had a two-hour meeting with Tom Haney, an investigator with the Denver DA's office, and never heard anything back.  Here's my letter to him.

About two years later, I happened to see Denver DA Bill Ritter having lunch at Maggione's, and jogged him on it.  He got a faraway look in his eyes, stroked his chin, and said, "Oh, yes, I heard about that."  Of course he had no intention of prosecuting Roy Romer, being on his way up by grace of the same network.  Lastly, after the transaction closed, I contacted the governor's office, now Bill Owens, a Republican.  Whoever I talked to said, yeah, we flagged that when it came across the governor's desk, but he decided to let it go through.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Police State II

 A couple I met last night said that twice recently, on the H light-rail line in Denver, burly men have been going down the train demanding people produce a photo ID to them.

They are not RTD.  They are Homeland Security.

Although RTD has a right to see your ticket, no one has a right to just demand a photo ID without probable cause.  My recommendation to anyone who is asked to do so is:  ask the cop for HIS (or her) photo ID.  Tell the cop that he is conducting a warrantless search, which is unconstitutional.

We must begin standing up to the police state and not submit to the loss and abrogation of our constitutional rights like sheep.

There are instances where I am not going to argue about the warrantless search, such as before getting on an airplane, or, probably, going into a court.  Anywhere else, I am.

***The latest (Sept. 23, 2011): FEMA and Homeland Security have been conducting drills to bus students and teachers to Mile High Stadium for "processing." Given that Denver was the site of the Columbine school massacre--which must have been government-sponsored, given the FBI and CIA agents standing around "observing" while the killing was going on inside; the involvement, according to many witnesses, of many other shooters; and the complete non-investigation and cover-up which followed, involving slimeball Ken Salazar--and the imminent economic collapse, we are on the verge of seeing mass slaughter of citizens by rogue elements in our own government. Denver is a hub.

"Drills," my ass.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Police State of Colorado

I went in person to renew my driver's license on March 4, 2011 (at 14th and Chambers, in Aurora).  I was surprised to see a complete metal detector set-up, with three cops standing by, which I had to pass through to enter the building.  While I expect these in courthouses now, I did not expect them in the driver's license bureau.

I was fingerprinted (one finger on an electronic pad), and asked for my social security number, as well as contact info for two people who know me, for emergency purposes.

I was then asked to take my glasses off for the photo--and, when I expressed surprise, because I always wear them, the photographer told me that it was really an "eye scan for identification purposes." 

I was again surprised to see them punch a hole in my old license and give me not a replacement license, but a piece of paper saying I'm awaiting my new license, which will be mailed in 30 days.  I was required to sign my name on an electronic signature device, which printed out on the same paper.  I was told by a friend later that it takes 30 days to issue the new license because they are going to put a microchip in it. 

None of these requirements--save a vision test, which I also took--has anything to do with the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.  I don't think the DMV is even authorized to ask for this information.  The regs for driver's licenses say that the fingerprint is required, as well as rather minimal information about the driver (name, date of birth, gender, and residence address).  If you go in in person, you take the vision test; and you must provide identification.  It appears I could have avoided both, as well as the photograph, if I had just renewed online, which I now see I could have done!  And they would not have my signature electronically recorded, either.  I believe they intend to use this information to run a criminal check--and obviously they can use it in future for any other kind of check they want to run.

I find nothing in the statutes or regulations authorizing an "eye scan for identification purposes" or putting a microchip in the license, let alone collecting the SSN, emergency contact info, and electronic signature, and requiring everyone to pass through metal detectors.  I emailed the Dept. of Revenue, asking where the authorization was for these things and whether they could even do an eye scan for identification, or were actually putting microchips in the licenses, and they said, "Ask the governor!"

Say what??  Is there an executive order out there to that effect?  I have emailed the governor twice and not received a response.

I drove home from that driver's license bureau and passed through I don't know how many cameras at intersections.  Aurora is putting spy cams up everywhere.

I am more disturbed than I can say by the police state Colorado has become.  I can't believe I just put all that personal information into the government's database like a dumb bunny, and that I was misled by the DMV officials to believe I had to provide it to renew my license.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Government's Assassin?

Serial murderer Scott Lee Kimball has finally been put away, but given that his killing spree was enabled by the FBI, in concert with present Colorado Attorney General John Suthers (who was then U.S. Attorney for Colorado), it behooves us to look more closely at the nature of the murders he committed.

The key stories about Kimball, including the perverse and sadistic behavior of his FBI "handler" Carle Schlaff, have been published in the little Cherry Creek ChronicleThey are riveting.  [And, of course, the original link to the CCC's webpage became nonworking, so I asked for, and received, pdf files of the articles from the publication itself.]

Suthers and the FBI released Kimball from prison to function as an "informant" in December 2002.   The Cherry Creek Chronicle articles establish that Kimball committed four murders after his release.  I have hypothesized that the people Kimball killed--almost all young women who were involved with drugs, and possibly selling their bodies for sex--may have been witnesses who could implicate certain powerful people in criminal activity, so needed to be silenced.

Denver Post columnist Vincent Carroll argued, before Suthers's re-election in 2010, that Suthers could not have known of Kimball's proclivity for murder, since all the murders happened in 2003 or later, after the deal which released him.  This, although, by Dec. 2002, Kimball had four prior felony convictions and had escaped from a Montana prison.

Before his release Kimball also had claimed to have knowledge about the murder of Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Wales in Seattle, in 2001.  Kimball could have committed that murder himself:  he was in Seattle when Wales was shot and killed through the basement window of his home, while sitting at his computer.  Wikipedia says, in its entry on Tom Wales, that the FBI has dragged its feet in investigating this killing, and that Wales's boss, the U.S. Attorney for that district, may have been dismissed for arguing for a greater resource allocation to investigate the murder. Thomas Wales had been an outspoken advocate of gun control.  But I think the more important factor is that he "specialized in the investigation and prosecution of fraud in banking and business."  Somebody didn't want him doing that.

If Kimball murdered Wales, the conclusion that he has been a paid assassin working for the government is inescapable.  But even if he didn't, that the FBI isn't interested in investigating Wales's murder can only be because they already know who did it, and it was either somebody they simply can't prosecute--e.g., the Fat Cat Banksters--or they participated in it themselves. My guess is both.

The similarities between this case and that of Whitey Bulger, another mob "informant" for a crooked FBI handler, are striking.  See the movie Deception.  This is the same scenario. The "informant-handler" label is a euphemism for what is really going on, which is an FBI agent who uses his official powers and contacts to further the interests of organized crime.   It is the FBI agent giving the Mafia information, not the other way around.

I want to know how Scott Kimball ended up in Colorado, when he had been in prison in Alaska.  In Colorado, John Suthers, as  U.S. Attorney, was the key guy who then made the decision to release him.  Scott Kimball is also considered a suspect in the murder of Peggy Hettrick.   There, an innocent kid, Tim Masters--only 14--was fingered as the murderer without a shred of physical evidence, and put away for over 10 years by prosecutors who suppressed exculpatory evidence, Jolene Blair and Terence Gilmore.  Blair and Gilmore were subsequently elevated to judgeships.  When news broke of their misconduct in the Masters case in 2007, John Gleason of the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel gave them a slap on the wrist.  It was up to determined citizens, who organized under the name Judicial Justice in Larimer County, to defeat Blair and Gilmore in their retention election in November 2010.

Back to John Suthers:  he also influenced Gov. Ritter to pardon killer Jennifer Reali in 2010 when Ritter left office.  Some murderers is just good folks, eh, Mr. Suthers?  Reali's defense was that her boyfriend convinced her that killing his ailing wife would be the moral act of a good Christian.

Staunch Catholic (and Notre Dame grad) Suthers, even though writing a book called "No Higher Calling" (referring to the oath he took as a prosecutor to put bad guys away), nevertheless apparently shares Reali's views on justifiable murder.  That he does is the more blatantly obvious from his release of Kimball.  One explanation for the ability of Suthers and his ilk to rationalize such irresponsible and horrifying acts they are themselves committing is that they put their loyalty to a "higher master" above the oath they took to uphold the Constitution and the laws.  The Pope must have told them it was OK:  there was a higher purpose being served.  Having that kind of sanction would be the only plausible excuse a religious person would have for violating that oath.

In the end, my thesis is that Colorado is Murder, Inc.  Whenever big crimes need to be committed, or covered up, the murderers get it into Colorado.  Cover-ups are what the public officials--including especially the judges--specialize in here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gleason's Greasin'

[This is a continuation of my posts "John Gleason:  Lawyer Impersonator?" of Sept. 4, 2010, and "John Gleason and Me" of Feb. 8, 2010.]

A propos of articles on the web about the Masonic control of Denver--and the world (e.g., google "DIA conspiracy")--it turns out that John Gleason, the head of the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, probably is a Mason.

Last year, I contacted the only employer Gleason ever had as a lawyer prior to OARC, Robert Bartholic, who said that a man named John V. Egan, III, worked for him at the same time as Gleason did, and that Egan and Gleason are good friends.  Bartholic indicated both had been deputy sheriffs and then became attorneys. 

Egan is now the Grand Poobah of all Masonic lodges in Colorado. Here's the link--big picture of him wearing his regalia, right on the home page:

***Update 1/19/13:  Egan is now a "Past Poobah."  See this list, the 2011 entry:

      Bartholic is a prominent Freemason and Big Kahuna himself, as is Stephen Munsinger, a judge in Jefferson County (who was bad news in a case I had against Beneficial Finance Co.).  Their names are on this list of past grand masters.  The Denver Public Library has membership lists for the Masonic lodges in the Denver area from the 1950's and 60's, and two Bartholics, including Robert and his father Clarence, held several high positions throughout this period. There is a plaque to Clarence at the D.U. Law School.

Although I haven't seen John Gleason's name on these lists, these associations (including loans to Gleason from Bartholic detailed below) indicate that he is a Mason, too, so it appears more and more certain that he was planted at OARC to protect the criminal banking cabal in its subversion of our judicial system.  I've pointed out that he did not possess the minimum requirements for the OARC job when he applied, and probably does not have an undergraduate degree.  See my post of 9/4/10.  [Especially see my latest, "John Gleason, Mob Plant," of June 2015.]  As for Egan, he was listed in the Colorado Legal Directory in 2008, but is apparently running a sprinkler company now.  No telling when he went to law school.  Did he go to Pettit, too, after leaving the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office?

Freemasonry and the big banking interests have been closely intertwined for several hundred years; and they are working together to achieve the New World Order. See En Route to Global Occupation by Gary Kah and The Crimes of a President by Joel Bainerman, both written in 1992.  The banking interests I'm talking about include the Rothschild family and the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, other banks in Europe.  Although, at the lower levels, Masons believe they are doing community service, as Kah points out they are also taking oaths to keep the operations of the organization secret.  The lower ones do not know what the higher ones are up to.  The highest-degree Masons choose who is permitted to progress to their inner circle.  There are examples in Kah's book of persons who have been high-level Masons and defected, then turned up dead.  Masons worship Satan, as well (which is Kah's problem with Freemasonry, as a devout Christian); but Christians are often allied with Freemasonry, he says because the Freemasons deceive them and say they are working to unify the world for Jesus Christ.  The way they control government is by surrounding leaders with a network of co-opted advisers.  Masons never do anything under the name of Freemasonry.  There are thousands of Masons in governments all over the world.

When I was quizzing Bartholic on the phone last year about why Gleason left his employ to go to work at OARC, he piped up, "I thought he just applied for the job and got it!"  That hadn't been exactly responsive to the question I asked and seemed to indicate...that he had different knowledge.

Bartholic's relationship with Gleason goes way beyond simply being his employer, because five and seven years after Gleason left his employ, Bartholic and his wife Esther gave him two mortgages on his home at 700 E. Northridge Rd., of $12,000 and $10,000, which were paid off not that long after they were recorded.  Gleason worked for Bartholic 1986-87.  The fact he got these mortgages years later indicates a personal relationship, making even weaker Gleason's statement that he had "several years' experience in private practice with a law firm in Denver" before being taken on at OARC sometime after  September 1987. There was only his association with Bartholic, who told me he "didn't have that much" for Gleason to do and did no litigation.

The property records in Douglas County reveal other interesting mortgages Gleason has taken, as well, which I detail below.  What they show, in a nutshell, is that several big loans have been taken out against Gleason's home which are then paid off in full a few months later.  If someone else besides Gleason paid off these loans, only the bank (and the parties themselves) would know, because that information does not appear of record.  Payoff of a borrower's loans by a third party would mean the borrower pocketed the cash; and the question we must ask is, what did he do to deserve it?

The company making several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of loans I regard as most questionable, Englewood Mortgage Company, is discussed at the end.

Update 11/20/11: I have discovered a 2010 article flagging the exact same type of activity--multiple conveyances, by a judge and deputy district attorney--in San Bernardino County, CA, as suspicious. That reporter, Janet Phelan, clearly regards such a pattern as evidence of payoffs, just as I do. My guess is it is widespread. Go here.

Here's the skinny on Gleason:

John S. and Karrie M. Gleason closed on their first home at 700 E. Northridge Rd. in Highlands Ranch on Oct. 28, 1987. [Reception #8734702; (Doc. 8)].  My first question is:  the ad for the position he got at OARC appeared in the Sept. 1987 issue of The Colorado Lawyer.  So did he qualify for this loan based on someone's private assurance he was going to get that job?  The Gleasons paid $124,000 for the home, and had a deed of trust (from MVC Financial Corporation, apparently an arm of Mission Viejo) of $118,600 against it. (Doc. 9)  [I have usually copied only the first couple pages of deeds of trust, since they are usually very long, mostly boilerplate.]

While they owned that home, as mentioned the Gleasons recorded two second mortgages for the benefit of Gleason's former employer Robert Bartholic and his wife Esther Bartholic.  These were for $12,000, recorded 7/17/92 and released 12/8/92--five months later (so somehow Gleason came up with $12,000 to pay him back) (Docs. 10 and 11)--and $10,000, recorded 4/6/94, and released 6/7/96.  (Docs. 12 and 13). They sold that house on June 25, 1996.  Thus, it appears they paid Bartholic back in full for the second loan before they had the proceeds from the sale.

On Feb. 3, 1994, over six years after they bought the house, they then took out a deed of trust (DOT) from North American Mortgage Co. of $114,000 (Doc. 14), which paid off the original mortgage with MVC Financial Corp.  (Doc. 14-A). That was at some point transferred to GE Capital Mortgage Services, Inc., but when it was released on 9/25/96, the release recites that the evidence of debt had been misplaced.  (Doc. 15).  So, no telling what was actually paid to release the lien.  And although they sold the home on June 25, 1996, this mortgage was not released until three months later.  This is strange.  Did the encumbrance remain against the house, which now belonged to other people?   Finally, still respecting the Northridge Rd. home, on May 11, 1995, the Gleasons took out a deed of trust (recorded 5/23/95) for $10,000 from Norwest (Doc. 16).  The Bartholic loan (Doc. 12) was subordinated to the Norwest DOT via an agreement which does not appear in the index, but I came across in the records by accident (Doc. 12-A).  The Norwest DOT was released Sept. 4, 1996, almost three months after they sold the home (Doc. 17).

On Sept. 25, 1996, the Gleasons closed on their second house in Highlands Ranch, at 2235 E. Thistle Ridge Cir., paying $220,000.  (Doc. 18) The same date, they recorded a $176,000 mortgage from Norwest  (Doc. 19).  This DOT was released Jan. 18, 1997, less than four months later (Doc. 20).

On Dec. 16, 1996, they had obtained another mortgage, from Englewood Mortgage Company, for $181,500 (reception #9672609) (Doc. 21).  This was three months after they’d closed on their home, and apparently paid off the $176,000 Norwest mortgage (Doc. 19).  People don’t usually go through all the hassle and expense of a closing only to turn around and refinance three months later (and banks don’t usually let them, in my experience).

This $181,500 deed of trust was assigned to the Bank of Oklahoma.  It was released on June 12, 2001–but notarized and recorded over two years later, on August 8, 2003 (#2003119465) (Doc. 22).

On June 13, 2001, another deed of trust for the benefit of Englewood Mortgage Company was recorded against the Thistle Ridge Circle home, for $195,000 (Reception #2001053294) (Doc. 23). This was assigned to Washington Mutual, and released Feb. 12, 2003,  recorded April 9, 2003, so paid off in 16 months  (Doc. 24).

On January 27, 2003, another DOT, a 30-year mortgage for $200,000, was recorded for the benefit of Englewood Mortgage Company, referring to a promissory note signed Dec. 31, 2002.  (Reception #2003010743) (Doc. 25).  This was assigned to Provident Funding Assoc. LP on Dec. 31, 2002 (Doc. 26), and released Jan. 10, 2005 (Reception #2005002832) (Doc. 27).

A 30-year deed of trust from National City Mortgage for $203,000 dated Dec. 21, 2004, was recorded on Jan. 11, 2005 (Reception #2005003853) (Doc. 28).  This was released August 19, 2005, seven months later (reception #2005078080) (Doc. 29).

A 30-year deed of trust from J.P. Morgan Chase was recorded August 11, 2005, in the amount of $211,000 (reception #2005075620) (Doc. 30). So between Jan. 11 and August 11, 2005, the Gleasons refinanced twice (if these were refinancings); and between June 13, 2001, and August 11, 2005, four times. 
In fact, as of April 8, 2003, there were $576,500 in loans recorded against this house, bought for $220,000 in 1996.  As of Jan. 12, 2005, there were only $203,000 in loans recorded against it, meaning $373,500 had been paid off.  Would a public official have $373,500 lying around to do something like this?

On Oct. 25, 2010, recorded 11/3/10, the Gleasons then received a 15-year deed of trust from “Quicken Loans” in Michigan, in the amount of $207,000 (Doc. 31).  The J.P. Morgan Chase deed of trust (Doc. 30) was released Nov. 8, 2010 (Doc. 32). 

Mission Viejo--the developer of Highlands Ranch (where both of the Gleasons' homes are)--is or was the client of the Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck law firm, which I have referred to for years as a "mobbed-up law firm," backed up by Pete Brewton's expose of the S&L crooks, including Norm Brownstein and his "clients" Larry Mizel/MDC Holdings, Ken Good, Bill Walters, John Dick, that lot. (See Brewton's 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush.  Ken Good--for whom Brownstein set up more than 100 trusts--has, by the way, been linked to Mohamed Atta; see Welcome to Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker.)

Englewood Mortgage Company is a trade name for EMC Holdings, the registered agent for which is an entity called Marsico Enterprises.  These entities involve an investment banker named Tom Marsico.

The "organizer" for EMC Holdings as of filings made in 7/16/01--the relevant time for the mortgages to Gleason--was an attorney at Brownstein Hyatt named M. Jeanne Nelson.  Also, the organizer for Marsico Enterprises was Edward N. Barad, another Brownstein attorney.  Thus, Gleason is connected with Brownstein through Englewood Mortgage Company, as well as through Mission Viejo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nuclear War--in Denver?

A correspondent in Colorado Springs is troubled by the "enormous increase in helicopter activity" there.  I hike several times a week on the west side of Denver and it seems military helicopters are always flying over now, headed east along I-70.

Secret plans for the military to acquire 10,000 square miles of land in Southeastern Colorado have just been unearthed.

The latest catalog for Grainger industrial supply--a company which does not sell directly to the public--shows body armor, military-style helmets, body bags, and caskets for sale.  The person who told me about it said he has worked in manufacturing all his life and never seen this before. He has found out that an entity in South Dakota placed an order for 50,000 body bags. 

On, Sept. 23, 2011, there was a Homeland Security/FEMA drill involving busing of students to Mile High Stadium for "processing." The latest (Sept. 27, 2011) is that it involved shooting up a school, as well as a shopping mall.

I think something big may be up, and it will not be good for us. 

I--and many reputable scholars--believe 9/11 was an inside job, and that 9/11 was simply practice for the Big One, which is going to be nuclear war, probably accompanied by bioweapons.  I have wondered whether it will start with an American city--as a pretext for retaliating against Iran, for example--and, recently, whether that city will be Denver. There are lots of military and government installations in this area, and Lockheed-Martin is not only a military contractor, it is the biggest contractor of any kind with the federal government. 

I have been noticing the past couple years that the courts and law enforcement have been getting new buildings which I consider fortresses, some of which--for sure the "Justice Center" jail/courthouse complex downtown--have tunnels linking them.  Of course, almost all buildings in Denver have basements.  Last September I learned to my surprise that the FBI had just moved to a brand new building in Stapleton.  This, although, the vacancy rate in federal office buildings is over 30%.  It was wasteful.  There is also neverending construction going on in front of the Byron Johnson federal office building on Stout Street, next to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Then, in January,  the regional director of the FBI, James Davis--who only arrived in 2008--stepped over to become new Governor John Hickenlooper's director of public safety.  John Suthers made a similar move, from being U.S. Attorney to Colorado Attorney General, a few years ago, taking a 50% pay cut.

And here's the really stunning information, which is about Denver International Airport.  There is a Masonic plaque in the airport, saying it was built by the "New World Airport Commission," with a Masonic symbol on it.  The names listed include not only Wellington Webb, who was mayor, but Martin-Marietta.  DIA is not a military installation.  At least, it wasn't supposed to be.

There are these scary murals all through the airport.  I've walked by and thought, wow, what does that mean and why is it in the airport?  These murals show an apocalypse.  They have images such as a huge Nazi stormtrooper wearing a gas mask, swinging an Arab scimitar and spearing the dove of peace.  There are dead children lying in caskets, and a little boy holding a dead squirrel with tears running down his cheeks, a huge fire in the woods behind him.  What I've read about Freemasonry says that the masons have planned, for centuries, for a "New World Order," after an apocalypse by which they reduce the population to about 2 billion.  There will be two distinct classes afterwards, the elites, who control all the resources, and the servants--the rest of us.  If a person doesn't like his status, they don't let him get food.  The dollar bill has a masonic sign on it, since many of the founders of the country were Freemasons.  That is the pyramid with the eye in the top part, which is separated from the rest.  Supposedly, when the New World Order comes into being, the top piece will rejoin the bottom.  George H.W. Bush and Wellington Webb are masons. 

While all this may seem crazy and extreme, like a science fiction movie or "The Da Vinci Code," there are, in fact, crazy and extreme people out there who are capable of planning such an event, and can't get enough war.  I think a likely scenario would be that the U.S. government itself orders the nuclear attack, but makes it look like it came from Iran, in order to have a pretext to wipe out the Middle East once and for all.    The key dates I am worried about are Hitler's birthday--April 20--as well as the date the Mayan calendar ends, Dec. 21, 2012, which is interpreted by some as a prophecy that the world will end, too.  In fact, there is gossip that the guy who did the scariest murals at DIA, Leo Tanguma, is Mayan. 

Other things about DIA are that it was constructed in the shape of a swastika and is rumored to have 85 square miles of underground facilities on eight levels, including an 80-mile-long tunnel to NORAD in Colorado Springs.  Workers have said that  multi-story buildings have been built and then BURIED, with the excuse that they were "put in the wrong place."  There are videos online showing segments of big concrete "pipes" which have a square cross-section about 12 feet across sitting aboveground, so it must be intended that vehicles will be driven through them.  These videos then show basement corridors shaped like these segments.  On the ceilings are lines with valves. My former client Gerald Lewis, who worked for Public Service Company for 35 years, said he'd been told by a PSCo employee during DIA's construction that they had buried "miles and miles" of gas lines, and then were told those had been put in the wrong place.  They did not remove them.  Gerald told me this without knowing that the same stories are reported on the web about the electrical lines and the buildings.

The airport cost almost $5 billion, when it was budgeted for $1.8 billion.  For the opening ceremonies, Wellington Webb invited all his mason buddies out there--very weird.  I am sure there was never any  "New World Airport Commission," although there is a 2007 Westword article that attempts to put the rumors to bed, by quoting Charles Ansbacher--the conductor of the Colorado Springs Symphony!--who says he was on it! (He was married to billionaire heiress/Clinton-appointed-ambassador Swanee Hunt, by the way.)  And then Ansbacher died.

And of course there is the fiberglass sculpture of the terrifying blue horse with glowing red eyes which killed its creator.  Sculptor Luis Jiminez got the contract in 1992 and 14 years later still didn't have it done.  Funny coincidence:  he was one of George W. Bush's favorite artists.  Maybe not so funny.  Wonder if W. told Luis to do something he didn't want to do, like secrete a little anthrax bomb inside, so Luis dragged his feet.  And then died in an "accident."  The sculpture was completed in fairly short order after his death; and then more weird things:  it was sent to an engineering firm called Kreysler in Sacramento for "repairs," which more than doubled the contract price, to $650,000.  Jiminez was paid only $300,000.

In particular, look at videos which show the murals at DIA.  Here's an interesting interpretation.

I ignore the Christian/Satanic stuff, but it really shouldn't be ignored--and especially, the New World Order stuff shouldn't be ignored--because the people who are doing these things to us are, in fact, working intentionally to make these prophecies come true and install themselves as the global ruling class.

Whether or not DIA has underground facilities (which I assumed are where the elites will go to escape the blast! but maybe they are gas chambers, instead) I can't tell you, but I do know that Columbine took place on April 20, as did the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, and there are substantial indications that both of these "disasters"  had government involvement, as well.  Obama, according to Webster Tarpley, was recruited by Zbigniew Brzezinski while a student at Columbia, and Brzezinski wants to go to war with China and Russia and is a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Scholar Michel Chossudovsky has a video on YouTube showing the preparations currently being made for World War III, which he says will be against China and Russia.  (Next to it is an ad for Grainger industrial supply!)

Gary Kah, in "En Route to Global Occupation," talks about the alliance of the powerful Rothschild banking family with Freemasonry since the 1700's.  They, and other powerful banking interests (the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, several European banks), have been working towards a unified world government for a long time.  The Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations are offshoots of this alliance, as are several powerful foundations.  He says the Freemasons never do anything under their own name, but under the names of these other organizations.

So, Dear Reader:  if you're in Denver, take a day with your friends in the mountains on April 20.  And do it on Dec. 21, 2012, too.  I think going west is better than east, due to the prevailing winds.  Or spend the day in the basement, if you have access to one!  They say that, if you survive the blast, the worst hazard--one you can protect yourself from pretty well if you are in a basement--is the radioactive fallout.  There was an article about this in The New York Times recently--that "duck and cover" isn't as stupid as it sounds.  And why was there an article about this, unless they know something the rest of us don't?  All of these disasters have their little tongue-in-cheek aspects to them, like it's all a big joke known only to the initiated, such as "911" being the number you call when you have an emergency. Movies like the Terminator series and Minority Report look more and more like a true picture of our future.  I'll bet the Army really does have all those futuristic weapons we assume are science fiction.  It wants Colorado to become one big desert patrolled by huge robots armed with automatic weapons and chemical lasers that vaporize anything that moves.  Does the Army need 10,000 square miles to practice this kind of killing?  Was it responsible for the thousands of blackbirds dropping dead out of the sky in Arkansas a few months ago, I wonder?

OK.  I've said my piece.  Now google "DIA conspiracy," but start with the video I've linked to here before you read the 2007 Westword article. And then go to "9/11 Synthetic Terror" by Webster Tarpley and Kah's book.