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Nuclear War--in Denver?

A correspondent in Colorado Springs is troubled by the "enormous increase in helicopter activity" there.  I hike several times a week on the west side of Denver and it seems military helicopters are always flying over now, headed east along I-70.

Secret plans for the military to acquire 10,000 square miles of land in Southeastern Colorado have just been unearthed.

The latest catalog for Grainger industrial supply--a company which does not sell directly to the public--shows body armor, military-style helmets, body bags, and caskets for sale.  The person who told me about it said he has worked in manufacturing all his life and never seen this before. He has found out that an entity in South Dakota placed an order for 50,000 body bags. 

On, Sept. 23, 2011, there was a Homeland Security/FEMA drill involving busing of students to Mile High Stadium for "processing." The latest (Sept. 27, 2011) is that it involved shooting up a school, as well as a shopping mall.

I think something big may be up, and it will not be good for us. 

I--and many reputable scholars--believe 9/11 was an inside job, and that 9/11 was simply practice for the Big One, which is going to be nuclear war, probably accompanied by bioweapons.  I have wondered whether it will start with an American city--as a pretext for retaliating against Iran, for example--and, recently, whether that city will be Denver. There are lots of military and government installations in this area, and Lockheed-Martin is not only a military contractor, it is the biggest contractor of any kind with the federal government. 

I have been noticing the past couple years that the courts and law enforcement have been getting new buildings which I consider fortresses, some of which--for sure the "Justice Center" jail/courthouse complex downtown--have tunnels linking them.  Of course, almost all buildings in Denver have basements.  Last September I learned to my surprise that the FBI had just moved to a brand new building in Stapleton.  This, although, the vacancy rate in federal office buildings is over 30%.  It was wasteful.  There is also neverending construction going on in front of the Byron Johnson federal office building on Stout Street, next to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Then, in January,  the regional director of the FBI, James Davis--who only arrived in 2008--stepped over to become new Governor John Hickenlooper's director of public safety.  John Suthers made a similar move, from being U.S. Attorney to Colorado Attorney General, a few years ago, taking a 50% pay cut.

And here's the really stunning information, which is about Denver International Airport.  There is a Masonic plaque in the airport, saying it was built by the "New World Airport Commission," with a Masonic symbol on it.  The names listed include not only Wellington Webb, who was mayor, but Martin-Marietta.  DIA is not a military installation.  At least, it wasn't supposed to be.

There are these scary murals all through the airport.  I've walked by and thought, wow, what does that mean and why is it in the airport?  These murals show an apocalypse.  They have images such as a huge Nazi stormtrooper wearing a gas mask, swinging an Arab scimitar and spearing the dove of peace.  There are dead children lying in caskets, and a little boy holding a dead squirrel with tears running down his cheeks, a huge fire in the woods behind him.  What I've read about Freemasonry says that the masons have planned, for centuries, for a "New World Order," after an apocalypse by which they reduce the population to about 2 billion.  There will be two distinct classes afterwards, the elites, who control all the resources, and the servants--the rest of us.  If a person doesn't like his status, they don't let him get food.  The dollar bill has a masonic sign on it, since many of the founders of the country were Freemasons.  That is the pyramid with the eye in the top part, which is separated from the rest.  Supposedly, when the New World Order comes into being, the top piece will rejoin the bottom.  George H.W. Bush and Wellington Webb are masons. 

While all this may seem crazy and extreme, like a science fiction movie or "The Da Vinci Code," there are, in fact, crazy and extreme people out there who are capable of planning such an event, and can't get enough war.  I think a likely scenario would be that the U.S. government itself orders the nuclear attack, but makes it look like it came from Iran, in order to have a pretext to wipe out the Middle East once and for all.    The key dates I am worried about are Hitler's birthday--April 20--as well as the date the Mayan calendar ends, Dec. 21, 2012, which is interpreted by some as a prophecy that the world will end, too.  In fact, there is gossip that the guy who did the scariest murals at DIA, Leo Tanguma, is Mayan. 

Other things about DIA are that it was constructed in the shape of a swastika and is rumored to have 85 square miles of underground facilities on eight levels, including an 80-mile-long tunnel to NORAD in Colorado Springs.  Workers have said that  multi-story buildings have been built and then BURIED, with the excuse that they were "put in the wrong place."  There are videos online showing segments of big concrete "pipes" which have a square cross-section about 12 feet across sitting aboveground, so it must be intended that vehicles will be driven through them.  These videos then show basement corridors shaped like these segments.  On the ceilings are lines with valves. My former client Gerald Lewis, who worked for Public Service Company for 35 years, said he'd been told by a PSCo employee during DIA's construction that they had buried "miles and miles" of gas lines, and then were told those had been put in the wrong place.  They did not remove them.  Gerald told me this without knowing that the same stories are reported on the web about the electrical lines and the buildings.

The airport cost almost $5 billion, when it was budgeted for $1.8 billion.  For the opening ceremonies, Wellington Webb invited all his mason buddies out there--very weird.  I am sure there was never any  "New World Airport Commission," although there is a 2007 Westword article that attempts to put the rumors to bed, by quoting Charles Ansbacher--the conductor of the Colorado Springs Symphony!--who says he was on it! (He was married to billionaire heiress/Clinton-appointed-ambassador Swanee Hunt, by the way.)  And then Ansbacher died.

And of course there is the fiberglass sculpture of the terrifying blue horse with glowing red eyes which killed its creator.  Sculptor Luis Jiminez got the contract in 1992 and 14 years later still didn't have it done.  Funny coincidence:  he was one of George W. Bush's favorite artists.  Maybe not so funny.  Wonder if W. told Luis to do something he didn't want to do, like secrete a little anthrax bomb inside, so Luis dragged his feet.  And then died in an "accident."  The sculpture was completed in fairly short order after his death; and then more weird things:  it was sent to an engineering firm called Kreysler in Sacramento for "repairs," which more than doubled the contract price, to $650,000.  Jiminez was paid only $300,000.

In particular, look at videos which show the murals at DIA.  Here's an interesting interpretation.

I ignore the Christian/Satanic stuff, but it really shouldn't be ignored--and especially, the New World Order stuff shouldn't be ignored--because the people who are doing these things to us are, in fact, working intentionally to make these prophecies come true and install themselves as the global ruling class.

Whether or not DIA has underground facilities (which I assumed are where the elites will go to escape the blast! but maybe they are gas chambers, instead) I can't tell you, but I do know that Columbine took place on April 20, as did the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, and there are substantial indications that both of these "disasters"  had government involvement, as well.  Obama, according to Webster Tarpley, was recruited by Zbigniew Brzezinski while a student at Columbia, and Brzezinski wants to go to war with China and Russia and is a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Scholar Michel Chossudovsky has a video on YouTube showing the preparations currently being made for World War III, which he says will be against China and Russia.  (Next to it is an ad for Grainger industrial supply!)

Gary Kah, in "En Route to Global Occupation," talks about the alliance of the powerful Rothschild banking family with Freemasonry since the 1700's.  They, and other powerful banking interests (the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, several European banks), have been working towards a unified world government for a long time.  The Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations are offshoots of this alliance, as are several powerful foundations.  He says the Freemasons never do anything under their own name, but under the names of these other organizations.

So, Dear Reader:  if you're in Denver, take a day with your friends in the mountains on April 20.  And do it on Dec. 21, 2012, too.  I think going west is better than east, due to the prevailing winds.  Or spend the day in the basement, if you have access to one!  They say that, if you survive the blast, the worst hazard--one you can protect yourself from pretty well if you are in a basement--is the radioactive fallout.  There was an article about this in The New York Times recently--that "duck and cover" isn't as stupid as it sounds.  And why was there an article about this, unless they know something the rest of us don't?  All of these disasters have their little tongue-in-cheek aspects to them, like it's all a big joke known only to the initiated, such as "911" being the number you call when you have an emergency. Movies like the Terminator series and Minority Report look more and more like a true picture of our future.  I'll bet the Army really does have all those futuristic weapons we assume are science fiction.  It wants Colorado to become one big desert patrolled by huge robots armed with automatic weapons and chemical lasers that vaporize anything that moves.  Does the Army need 10,000 square miles to practice this kind of killing?  Was it responsible for the thousands of blackbirds dropping dead out of the sky in Arkansas a few months ago, I wonder?

OK.  I've said my piece.  Now google "DIA conspiracy," but start with the video I've linked to here before you read the 2007 Westword article. And then go to "9/11 Synthetic Terror" by Webster Tarpley and Kah's book.

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