Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lewis Ames Memorabilia

I have pasted below a photo of my fourth grade class at Lewis Ames Elementary in Littleton, Colorado (it would now be in Centennial), just for the fun of it, from 1964.

The tall blond girl smack in the middle is Marcia Smith, who is now Marcia Krieger and chief judge on the United States District Court for the District of Colorado!  (Her dad was a judge, too.)  I am the girl with glasses and braids sitting two kids down, to her left.

In front of her to her left, the boy sitting who is not holding the sign is Mark Paschall.  He was county treasurer for Jefferson County a few years ago.

I moved away from Colorado in 1966, but came back as an adult in 1979 and lived there until May 2011!  I'd sure like to hear from other classmates, if they're around. 

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  1. 10-25-15: Well, this is interesting: the photo has been removed. More tampering with this blog! I will look for it and repost as soon as I find it.