Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Among the Sociopaths, Part II

This post is to provide links to my documents which establish violations of the Canons of Judicial Conduct by Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr., appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court by former Gov. Roy Romer in 1996. I will be adding to the documents in the near future.

I have grieved Greg twice (and see exhibits here and here) for his misconduct, but the Commission on Judicial Discipline has turned a blind eye.  In fact, the letter I've linked to, from the Commission's director William Campbell, does not indicate the Commission was even provided my complaint when I renewed it in 2011, and I learned later, by email, that it was not.  This, although the Commission informed me, in 2008, that I should renew my grievance if I believed Hobbs had engaged in this type of misconduct again.  It at least interviewed him, and gave him a warning, in 2008. Campbell's letter contains other misrepresentations which I will dispose of when I upload the other documents.

The 2008 grievance linked to here establishes that in every appeal of mine Hobbs has ever sat on, he has met with my opponents ex parte (even in one case with my own CLIENT) to talk to them about the case.  I showed, in the Animas-La Plata cases, that he had accepted gifts and money from my opponents, advocated publicly for the very project we were challenging in his court, and sat on boards and commissions with our opponents (one of which exists to fund development projects). I produced stunning evidence, the like of which one never normally gets, because how do you know what your judge is doing when he is not on the bench?

Greg was previously a water lawyer who represented development interests. He has remained rabidly committed to these interests since his appointment to the bench and has consistently and stubbornly refused to remain sequestered as a judge must.  It is clear he believes the Canons of Judicial Conduct do not apply to him.  He lashes out with extraordinary vindictiveness against anyone who stands in the way of his buddies the development attorneys.  I am Exhibit 1:  my trying to obtain the recusal of Hobbs in the Animas-La Plata diligence case (where he did NOT recuse, contrary to what Campbell's letter says), and then filing this grievance against him, has led to the ruination of my career as a lawyer.  I have endured five nonstop years of harassing and groundless disciplinary proceedings.

I note that the Commission has a rule that all grievances against judges are confidential.  This provision was also put into the Colorado Constitution (Art. VI, Sec. 23(3)(g)). (I don't know the year, since I do not presently have access to the Session Laws.)  I am deliberately not respecting these proscriptions, since on their face they violate my rights under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


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  2. Thanks, Anonymous--I would love to help her, but I am still suspended! I cannot get readmitted to the bar unless I submit to a mental evaluation (a condition imposed on me without any due process whatsoever) and pay about $10,000, which I refuse to do.

    I wish her well, though--I'm very concerned about the First Amendment rights of bloggers.

  3. " a heart broken and crushed, oh Jehovah, you will not despise" psalm 51:17