Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brittany Maynard, My Undead Niece

In October 2014, a story flooded media outlets everywhere around the world about the tragedy of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with an aggressive brain tumor known as Glioblastoma multiforme, who had decided to commit assisted suicide in Oregon under Oregon's "Death with Dignity" law. 

I learned about it from a post on a blog I read--and my jaw dropped.  Brittany is my niece, but has been estranged from our family for several years.  Her mother, Debbie Ziegler, and my brother divorced in around 1987, when Brittany was three. 

I have investigated "Brittany's suicide," and have proof that it did not occur and Brittany is not dead.  The event was a psy op perpetrated by the CIA-controlled media on the public, to expand availability of assisted suicide.  This is the more clear now, seeing Debbie giving press conferences at the California legislature in favor of such a bill, along with Dan Diaz, Brittany's putative husband.  No truly grieving parent or husband would be able to do this.

Something else they wouldn't do is fail to investigate whether a cure was available before agreeing to a beloved 29-year-old's plan to kill herself.  Turns out a cure is available.  On March 27, 2015, 60 Minutes revealed that Duke Medical School researchers have been regularly shrinking Glioblastoma multiforme tumors to nothing by injecting them with polio viruses, achieving complete cures.  There are hundreds of published papers on the web about similar successes with oncolytic viruses.  Oops:  looks like Debbie, Brittany, and Dan overlooked that research, in their obsession with ending Brittany's life.

Faux Photos.
Another clear sign this is a hoax has been the media's use of photos of women who are NOT Brittany.  Here is one of my photos of BrittanyHere's another.  (There are more childhood photos at the bottom.)  Compare these with this bogus photo on People Magazine's Oct. 27, 2014, cover, of a model they declare is "Brittany Maynard photographed exclusively for People, Oct. 11, 2014."  This same model appears on pages 64, 65, and 69.  Anyone can see Brittany has an elfin look which the impostor does not have, and a broader smile, with upturned corners.  Blogger Miles Mathis, who is a portrait painter, agrees the model on the People cover is not Brittany.  Same with the photos of  "Brittany with her family at the Grand Canyon," and a very large "Brittany strolling with her husband on a forested path":  none of these are Brittany.  While a few real pictures are interspersed, they do not include a full-face close-up as an adult.  She is in profile, wearing dark glasses, or photographed from far away.  Brittany thus could go anywhere to resume life under an alias, and no one would recognize her. 

The video posted Oct. 6 (which shows a woman with a chubby face, which the People cover model does not have as of Oct. 11!) does have some similarity with Brittany, particularly in the voice.  However, it is possible to use a model to create facial expressions in a video of someone else, in real time.  I believe that is what has been done here. 

I need to poke fun at the still shown in the video which has Debbie's head inclined at a rakish angle towards yet another model, pooching her lips.  It's clear Debbie's head was simply pasted on.  They are both wearing "Love" T-shirts.  When I saw that, I said, "How very Sandy Hook" (Sandy Hook being yet another psy op). 
***Update Oct. 6, 2015:  that bit has been removed from the video!

CIA connection.
One thing that bothered me when I was working this out was how the CIA/media hoax network would know Debbie and Brittany were available to participate in this fraud.  I then remembered Debbie's younger brother, David Q. Ziegler, and found he is in Army intelligence.  This connection can fully explain it--along with financial difficulties we know Debbie was having (another thing she has in common with many of the Sandy Hook participants).  Another is probably Adrian Diaz, discussed below.  One blogger who is suspicious of Brittany's demise has linked Compassion & Choices, the group which sponsored her suicide, to George Soros. 

Absence of records at the funeral home.
There is a death certificate for Brittany.  While this may seem like a show-stopper, it is fraudulent.

The most important evidence came from the funeral home, Crown Memorial Center (which runs the Cascade Cremation Center).  I went to their website and put the last name "Maynard" into their "Search for Tributes" bar shortly after I received the death certificate, and nothing came up.  Same with "Diaz."  So I called Crown to ask whether there was an online memory book for Brittany Maynard, or a service, and the young woman who answered was puzzled.  She said, "I don't have any information.  She is not in the system."  I then asked her whether it was customary to cremate a body quickly after death, and she said yes.  Note that the death certificate states the date of disposition of the body as "TBD"--"to be determined"--even though it was filled out by the funeral director 17 days after the death.

The employee told me to call back between 12:30 and 1:00 to speak to the director, Tiffany Hubbard.  When I called at 12:32, my call was routed to a male at another location, who was verbally abusive.  So--get that:  I am a family member asking about my tragically deceased niece, and he's nasty.  I asked HIM whether cremation had taken place and he said it WOULD have been, and then corrected himself to say that it DID, "shortly after death."  But, as noted, the death certificate says "TBD" and was signed by Tiffany Hubbard on Nov. 18, when death reportedly occurred Nov. 1.  So he was lying.  When I asked him whether a service would be held, he babbled, then said, "The family has been very private about this."  I laughed out loud, saying this "family" has been the least private in the history of the world!  The man then said Brittany's website fulfilled the memory book function (and, indeed, no one who did not have the death certificate would have any idea Crown was the funeral parlor which handled the body.  Only I had that information.).  I told him that the MAYNARDS were family--that my brother was both Brittany's legal and biological father, and he had received no notification of her wedding, her cancer, her death, or her funeral (and there was no funeral, anyway).  Note another false entry on the death certificate for the phone number of Dan Diaz.  It says "not available."  They don't get to say that.  Oregon law requires the funeral home to obtain personal data about the decedent from the next of kin, and the form requires a phone number for that person, stated to be Dan Diaz. 

Another problem is that the Social Security Death Index does not have Brittany's name on it, even though the SSN is listed on the death certificate. ***Update, Nov. 4, 2017:  regulations enacted in 2014 (what a coincidence!) restricted the public's ability to review records in the SSDI for three years after the death.  So today, I was finally able to verify that her name was not on it.    It isn't.  I even input her actual Social Security number along with her year of birth.  That means she has never been reported dead to SSA, and her Social Security number is still in use.  Note that I've now changed the link to the death certificate, so that anyone can now see her SSN.  Formerly, I had redacted it.***

 Also,  Brittany's voter registration was cancelled, but that was the result of an email I sent to the Secretary of State Dec. 11, 2014, asking whether it was still active.  By law the county health registrar, who receives the report of death, is supposed to give notice within five days to the county clerk to cancel the voter registration.   Instead, that notice came from me, through the SOS.  That is proof that no report was made to the county health registrar.  The most important thing, however, is the Crown employee's statement, "She is not in the system."  This means:  no online memory book, no funeral, no records of body transport or cremation as required by law, no report to the SSA, no notification to the county health registrar or county voting registrar, and no bills.  All these omissions by the funeral director of actions she would routinely take indicate normal procedures were not followed.  The reason has to be that there was no body.

Note that the location of death--the residence--on the death certificate (3108 Vista Verde Terrace, Portland, OR) is different from Brittany's voter registration address (7518 SW Roanoke Dr. N., Wilsonville, OR).

Doctor who signed death certificate did not diagnose or treat her for cancer.
The doctor, Eric Wyatt Walsh, signed the death certificate on Nov. 13, twelve days after death.  He should've done it within 48 hours.  He certified that the cause of death was “Glioblastoma multiforme.” 

Walsh gave an address for himself which was not the address associated with his license.  Only by asking for an investigation from the State Medical Board did I learn it was the address of Gentiva, a large hospice corporation.  Dr. Walsh himself then called me, but, like the funeral parlor guy, would not give me any real information, due to "privacy restrictions," even though dead people don't have privacy rights.  Their medical records are subject to disclosure, under Oregon law.  I asked him when he started treating Brittany, whether he is the one who had prescribed the lethal drug, whether he had seen a body, and other important things.  He would not answer any of my questions.  He did admit he is not an oncologist--his area of practice is "palliative care."  He also said that, in Oregon, the doctor who signs the death certificate is not required to see a body!  I had previously learned that, under Oregon's Death with Dignity law, the death certificate lists the death as from "natural causes," even though it was suicide.

Since Dr. Walsh is not an oncologist, how would he have known if Brittany's condition was terminal, or whether she even had cancer?   He wouldn't, of course

This is a serious problem. Under Oregon law, the death certificate may be signed only by the doctor who was in charge of the care of the patient for the illness or condition that resulted in death.  The “Death with Dignity Act” similarly defines “attending physician” as "the physician who has primary responsibility for the care of the patient and treatment of the patient’s terminal disease."  Thus, the attending physician is the one who must sign the death certificate.  The attending physician must also … "(a) Make the initial determination of whether a patient has a terminal disease,” and take other steps, including referring the patient to a consulting physician.Clearly, someone who is not an oncologist could not qualify as an attending physician.  He is not competent to diagnose cancer, determine the cause of death, or sign the death certificate.  It would, moreover, not be legal for Brittany to receive her initial diagnosis in California, as she claimed, and then move to Oregon to die.

In short, Dr. Walsh did not treat Brittany for the illness she reportedly died from, since he did not have the expertise to examine her, read her Xrays, or decide whether her condition was terminal; and the initial diagnosis was not made by him.

So both the doctor and funeral director have made false certificates. 

Brittany's phone still active.
Brittany's cellphone is still active as of Jan. 25, 2015, so someone is paying the bill.  I left a message for her on or around Nov. 4, 2014.  (She did not call back.)  I have emailed her several times, most recently in June 2017, too, and the email does not bounce.

Bogus date chosen.
When I first watched Brittany's video, she made an issue out of the date she'd chosen to kill herself, Nov. 1st, because it was the "day after my husband's birthday," which she said was October 30th.  My notes from the video are here.  However, the day after October 30th is October 31st, not November 1st.  Worse, Dan Diaz's birthday, according to, is October 26th.  I mentioned all these things in an email to my friend Wendy, at the time.  When I reviewed Brittany's video again sometime later, all the statements about her husband's birthday had been taken out of it.  

So:  that whole story was fake.  Importantly, Brittany didn't know her "husband's" birthday.

MRI/Xrays probably fake.
There are discrepancies in the radiologic images from the University of California San Francisco shown in Brittany's video.  The employee I spoke to in the Radiology department said (1) Brittany had brought her first image to them from another location, which was not a hospital, as she could tell from encryption; (2) Brittany did have appointments at UCSF Radiology, but patients are not required to produce an ID; and (3) Brittany did not retrieve her records from UCSF when she went to get a second opinion.  When the employee volunteered this last bit I could tell she found that strange.  To recap:  Brittany did not take her UCSF records to Oregon, although she said in her video that she had had to "find a new team," since assisted suicide is not legal in California; and the doctor who prescribed the lethal drug to her in Oregon was not an oncologist.  He was not able to make any assessment of whether she had cancer or was terminal, did not have the images, and was not required to see a body.  Yet this man stated under oath that she died of Glioblastoma multiforme.

As for the tumor Xray or MRI image with Brittany's name typed on it, when I was talking over this matter with my Aunt Pat (Brittany's great-aunt), she said, "Oh, but of course X-rays can be faked."  That possibility had not even occurred to me.  Aunt Pat knew this because she reads a lot of mysteries.  I investigated and found outfits online which sell fake X-rays as gag gifts.

Brittany was also treated at the UCSF hospital under a name which was not then her legal name.  Her marriage certificate, dated Sept. 29, 2012, shows she changed her name to "Brittany Lauren Diaz."  Adrian Diaz, the brother of Dan, who (strangely) officiated at their wedding, holds the position of "Associate Director, State Government Relations" at the University of California Berkeley Chancellor's Office; has held other positions with UC Berkeley; and interned with the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Communications.  In his UC position he may very well have access to all kinds of records, maybe even UCSF patient records.  Adrian Diaz now has been giving interviews as one of the witnesses who attended Brittany in her last moments, although she did not mention he would be by her side, in her video.  My guess is that he is a controller of this operation.

New info as of 10-6-15:  I have the Brittany X-rays.  These are huge files on three CD's.  I cannot make much of them, but will provide copies to anyone on request.  I do note that the first X-ray or MRI, taken Jan. 1, 2014, at 7:00 a.m., is of her chest, which does not jibe with the story of headaches and a seizure which brought Brittany to the emergency room on New Year's Day.  A brain X-ray was not taken until Jan. 2, 2014.  In addition, the notes on one of the CD's say, "CT performed at an outside institution on 12/31."  More X-rays were taken by UCSF in August 2014, when Brittany and her "family" (I put that in quotes because it makes me mad) supposedly had been in Oregon for some time.

Reporter poseurs.
Along with the bogus photos People Magazine published, its interview with Debbie paints her as a struggling single mom who raised Brittany on her own, utterly false.  The New York Times parroted that view, listing Brittany's "survivors" as Debbie Ziegler and her stepfather Gary Holmes.  Huh?  Mr. Holmes has no legal or biological relationship to Brittany, while Brittany's real father--who has both--is not mentioned.  Nor were her little brother, aunts and uncle, cousins, and more on the Maynard side.  We were not involved in this caper and didn't know anything about it.  My brother has observed that this depiction of Debbie as Struggling Single Parent will be followed up by book and movie deals.  [AND HE WAS EXACTLY RIGHT:  SEE HERE.]

People also says Debbie is 56, when she is 58, and that Brittany and company moved to Oregon in June, when she registered to vote in Oregon in April.  Was there an advance team that took care of such things as the voter registration?  It appears the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing.

I attempted to correct the Wikipedia entry on Brittany, only to the extent of (1) noting that People Magazine had faked the photos; (2) Brittany had this whole crowd of Maynard family members out there that were not mentioned; and (3) Debbie and Brittany have a history as scammers, whose principal target in the past has been my brother.  My entry was immediately whooshed off Brittany's page and put onto my OWN "talk page" (which I didn't even know I had), which was then censored, so none of it is available, even though I volunteered to remove the reference to scamming.  I was told to email Wiki's legal department about my dispute, which I did--and I never got a response.  So Wikipedia, far from being the neutral, ethical, independent source of information it represents itself to be, is as much a shill for the governing elite as the rest of the mass media.  Even when I am telling it what the situation is, as a source with direct, first-hand knowledge, it prefers fictions published by CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, etc.

Who are these people repackaging press releases as fact, with the imprimatur of respected publications?  That not a single person reporting this story either made their own investigation or questioned the party line means there is no "Fourth Estate."  There is only a central monolith churning out lies for public consumption.  These "reporters" and their vaunted publications breach the public trust on an ongoing basis and should be skewered at every opportunity.  This event is yet more proof that U.S. media are the real TASS.  The Soviet Union is us.

[Make sure to read "Policy Objectives of the Staged Tragedy," and learn about Compassion & Choices' involvement in the highly lucrative organ-harvesting industry.]

Connected post:  A Very Weird Coincidence.
Update:  here are a few more photos of Brittany, on a tribute my brother's family sent out in Christmas 2014, and some moreHere's a much earlier one on a Christmas card sent by my brother's family in 2001, where I frankly think she was photoshopped in, since her head is too big and she is overexposed.  However, it is still a family photo:  you will not find it online.)  My brother believes Brittany must be dead because the media says so.  He has refused to read about what I have discovered and even stopped talking to me, because I did not convey my condolences.  In case Brittany reads this, he has told me he still loves her, despite the problems.  And of course I love her, too.

Update 10-12-15:  Have a look at this Facebook screenshot, in which Dan's cousin Vicky Garcia sympathizes with Brittany and Dan over the courageous decision they have had to make.  It is dated Oct. 12, 2012.  Brittany's diagnosis, according to her video, was Jan. 1, 2014.--P.S.:  a commenter has told me I misinterpreted the Facebook date, and he or she may be right.  I will be publishing a follow-up soon about Vicky and Dan's mothers, who are sisters from Cuba with a startling history.

Update 4-17-17:  Have located a few more childhood pictures of Brittany, which are here, here, and here, as well as a picture of the young Debbie Ziegler with my brother and my dad.  (My dad's nickname for Brittany as a toddler, by the way, was "Miss Sparkle Plenty"!) 


  1. Thank you for stepping in for the Fourth Estate. You have done remarkable and painstaking work here. The case being so personal I assume at times you had to detach yourself and look at the evidence like a brilliant, outsider investigator would. The conclusion is that “advancing policy through staged tragedies” works very well. No need to change the formula, just the story.

  2. RE: "Dr. Walsh himself then called me, but, like the funeral parlor guy, again would not give me any real information, due to "privacy restrictions.""

    Okay, for years I was mislead by "privacy" wrongly asserted for deceased persons.

    Privacy laws do not protect the privacy of dead people. Dead people do not have privacy rights. Privacy rights are personal and die with the individual. Nestor v. Posner-Gerstenhaber, 857 So. 2d 953 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 3d Dist. 2003), review denied, 869 So. 2d 540 (Fla. 2004).

    [E]even where a private confidentiality agreement is otherwise proper, it will not be enforced where its effect becomes obstructive of the rights of non-parties. See, e.g., Nestor v. Posner-Gerstenhaber, 857 So. 2d 953, 955 (Fla. 3rd DCA 2003); Scott v. Nelson, 697 So. 2d 1300, 1301 (Fla. 1st DCA 1997). Quoted by U.S. Judge John E. Steele in Tardif, Trustee (Jason Yerk) v. PETA, USDC, SD Fla. Fort Myers Div. Case No. 2:09-cv-537-FtM-29SPC, at the Pacer link,

    Case 2:09-cv-00537-JES-SPC Document 179 Filed 11/04/11 Page 14 of 31 PageID 6050

    Keep up the good work, Sunny.

    1. In fact, thinking this over, I have concluded the county health registrar (or whoever answered the phone there) must be a conspirator. She got nearly hysterical when I argued that such things as permits for cremation and body transport were not even medical records. She insisted that they are.

    2. FYI, your cousin is mentioned in a blog post by US Judge Richard Kopf, in a citation to Dr. William Wright, see the link below.

    3. Sorry Sunny, your late niece not your cousin. Unintentional mistake.

    4. Thanks. I posted a comment on "Hercules and the Umpire" with a link to this page. Interesting how "The Real Colorado" actually does relate to this story set in Oregon, especially with Compassion and Choices having its headquarters in Denver. Colorado's next on its assisted suicide expansion list.

  3. Thanks! Yes, of course dead people have no privacy rights, but they don't seem to understand that in Oregon.

  4. Yeah, DICKY Lamm, the GOV(ex) of Colo isn't he the KING of duty to DIE, his
    opium decrees shoved down the throats of America, as he ruled the Rocky roost.
    Ironic, what is the deal with you and Dicky's men and his inter-circle of
    court jesters ? Oh, what sordid tales must be hidden under the
    Mountains of Summitville heaps of toxic leach.
    Dead men(women) don't talk of course, that is why their are estate executors, and administrators. The dead's claims survive, them as you must know, recall OJ was sued in a wrongful death action, and his shoe prints were not covered up in the civil case, despite the L A circus, that in some farce of a criminal proceeding.

  5. Speaking of Oregon, having you been observing the OREGON AG, and the brewing investigation, and the main paper in Oregon calling for the Governor(a DOC. D) to resign from his Governorship ? What a Merry-GO- Round going off the rails. The Oregon AG office is about as independent from the Governor as Larry was independent from Mo of the 3 stooges.(Party Time in Oregon)

  6. If you are, as you say, one having an "abiding interest in exposing corruption", why are you not going postal on the Oregon Governor, and his way-ward, honey, Ms Hayes ? Oh, I suppose you expect the FBI to do their job in Oregon, and you will deal with the family squabbles, as AUNT SUNNY.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. So, effectively, are you rendering a medical opinion, on all the x-rays of the brain tumor, and putting all her doctors who did those x-rays in some category of "government actors"? As to the communications of Brittany's mother with William R Maynard, the fact of an estrangement, does not deal with the x-rays, did you not competently examine those; that is central to the so called issue, you obscure, as you play some mutla-x games? But, if you are so genuine about the public interest, can you give us your qualifications on reading x-rays of brain tumors; and why you ignored those in your piece where, effectively you admit you are mad at her "mother"?
    The media even had a picture of critical x-rays of the brain tumor. Right !
    You are not a cancer specialist, medical doctor, are you; why are you playing your games on this matter, under your pretext of "government actors"?
    Did you deal in medical x-rays of brain tumors as an Assistant Attorney General in Colorado? What you do not know is more relevant to your BLOG, given what you blog on, that is not in the 'public interest, and only points up how you can use your blog for your own agenda. You do not have unique insights into medical knowledge on x-rays of brain tumors, recall you are just a grad of D U Law school. Please, don't act like you know things, when you do not, it is really not that becoming, even for a former Assistant Attorney General from Colorado, as you claim to have some "abiding interest" set forth on your BLOG. Sean Harrington is no certified medical doctor as well, as I am sure you know, given his BLOG which he took off the I-Net. He did however, seek to expose some chap in COLO springs, who was a quack(SHOCK), and there was an expose on that by an award winning journalist in Colorado. That was in the public interest, all over the Press in Colorado. Why that quack was not prosecuted is puzzling, but it was Colorado.

  9. My statements about the X-rays were based entirely on the lack of proof that they are actually of Brittany's brain. But as I pointed out, Dr. Walsh had no competence to diagnose cancer from X-rays--and did not even examine these X-rays, because he did not have them--so whether they are of Brittany's brain or someone else's doesn't even matter.

    At any rate, Jim Hagood, I have degrees not only in law, but a Master of Science in a subfield of biology and an A.B. in physics. I also had enough credit hours for a bachelor's degree in biology, but went for the M.S. without seeking it.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Have you ever worked in a reputable clinic that handled patients with brain cancer, and actually handled and read x-rays(making reports on) of the brain?, and tumors in the brain shown on x-rays, that were competently performed?
    While you may make conclusion on blasts in geo-seismic searches for geo data, is that not far different than the medical field dealing with the brain, and cancers(tumors) in the brain?
    Congratulations on your Ivy Cornell degree, but, really are you not concerned you have gone far afield from any working experience you may have had, and brain cancer is a serious subject, and not something to take lightly, given
    the many issues pointed out in the pieces on Brittany.

    1. I've removed several abusive and spurious comments from you so far, Mr. Hagood, the latest charging repeatedly that I have no competence to assess brain X-rays. I concede that point. If you read what I actually wrote, you will see that I haven't disputed that the X-ray shows a brain tumor. I don't know if it does. What I've challenged is whether the X-ray is Brittany's. That her name is pasted on is not necessarily dispositive of the issue, since patients are not required to show an ID at check-in and that part of the film would be the easiest to fake.

  12. Hello,

    i am from germany and my english is not so good. i read your story about brittany. i have read a lot about her. but that what you read is incredible. why should not it be true.

    something nobody invents yet. her mother, her huband, her friends - hot they should invent something. brittany herself itself but in a video explains how ill she is. why should she do that?
    i dont understand your problem. she died and she was not alone. there are many friends on her side.
    (have you not researched it in fb)? one of her friend is an doctor and she was on her side when she died.
    it is not dangerous to people the wrong game to play ?
    and what is your idea? why she should say she dies when she is alive and where is she?
    they could even never on the street . anyone would recognize it. they could even never on the street . anyone would recognize it.

    what does that make for a meaningful?

    I think you hve a problem with her mother and do not want to accept.

    Where she should be? They would have to hide.

    Maybe she makes holidays????

    I think you have a good fantasy. Or you are ill and need a good physiatrist.

    Why does tv not reports about your story?

    Greetings from germany

    1. TV does not report my story because the media here is controlled. Powerful interests use mass media as their tool to advance policy through staged tragedies. They do not let competing versions (i.e., the truth) get airtime. In particular, they do not want to be exposed for telling lies.

      If you click on the links in my article about Sandy Hook, another staged tragedy, you will begin to understand how we are lied to and manipulated. Very good work has been done by many researchers to prove that event was a hoax. The U.S. (and Europe--probably the whole world) is not the country it presents itself to be.

      That's not Brittany in the video, and it's not Brittany on the cover of People. Please compare those images with my pictures. Anyone can see these are not the same woman. It is not a "fantasy" of mine, and I do not need to see a "physiatrist."

      Thanks for your interest,


  13. Zeigler, you say Army intel, are you mixing up the Air Force with the Army intel ?
    Did you ever speak with him? Debbie's Bro?
    You claim "financial difficulties", how would you know; were you Debbie's CPA in Ca? Do you even know what she did in Calif?
    Your pictures were taken long before the events after she had cancer treatments, but how hard are you trying to peddle your PICs, for some fame?
    You can't address the issues, because you have an agenda on your blog, right?

  14. Re military intel: there's no difference among the different branches, or the CIA, as is clear from the courses shown on his resume. I haven't seen David Ziegler since he was in high school. No, haven't spoken with him.

    There are personal details accounting for the estrangement I referenced, a lot of which have to do with money. I cannot post those.

    I am not trying to "peddle my PICS for some fame." Do you see any commercial solicitations on this website? Any ads? Any requests for donations? Very different from Compassion & Choices, I might say.

    The "agenda" is to expose government psy ops. We are in terrible trouble in this country. Everything we are told by the media is a lie.

  15. 60 Minutes sure lied in a program, that involved the current Ambassador to Italy, as his wife Linda worked at CBS, and Linda was a Communication Director in the O-White House. She was big buddies with Lesley. STAHL. It is troubling how many billions are made by Media Companies, who run ads on T V for political hucksters., but it is all deemed kosher by Citizens United rulings( a la the U S Supreme Court), as it
    runs a casino court operation in some matters.
    As to Ms D, (the momma) didn't she run an engineering company in Ca?
    It is complex, for sure, Civics warrants citizens to be on the alert, after all
    whose Country is it? AMERICA

    1. "Ms D" did not run an engineering company. She is not an engineer. My brother told me she was a headhunter (i.e., recruiting personnel for other companies).

  16. The reason the death record is not showing in the Social Security Death Index is because of new restrictions enacted in March of 2014. It prevents the record from being listed in publicly available versions for three years from date of death. From the image you posted you obviously pulled a "publicly available" version.

    I also have a cousin who died of glioblastoma multiforme so I speak with some level of knowledge. Some medications given for this type of tumor, Decadron for example, are known to cause weight gain. You must know that weight gain also changes facial features. I saw this with my cousin. He was hardly recognizable. The photos you note appear to be taken at times when she was under care and at later stages.

    I don't believe you have adequately researched your arguments.

  17. I am aware of the recently imposed three-year restriction on viewing SSDI records. However, that applies only to "publicly available" websites. In my case, I ordered and paid for the death certificate with the Oregon Health Authority, Vital Statistics. When I went back to that site to check the status of my order, it came up with a link for me to check the SSDI listing. While the link DID go to, because I had paid for the information I had a private right to it. I was not going through the "publicly available" route. I will call Oregon Vital Statistics later today and see what they say about this.

    Even if the SSDI information turns out to be inaccurate, my case does not rest on it; far from it. It is only a small piece of corroborating evidence. As for "weight gain [changing] facial features," I have pointed out that the model on the cover of People Magazine taken Oct. 11 does NOT have a puffy face, while the female in the video of Oct. 6 DOES. The Grand Canyon pictures, taken even later in October, featuring yet another model, also do not show a puffy face.

  18. I did call Oregon, and got a person who informed me there was no record of my order and kept trying to instruct me how to place an order.

    Obviously, I've got the death certificate, as well as a receipt for $38 and change, so my order was real!

    She also insisted there was a 10-year moratorium on being able to get the SSDI information. It is three years, however.

    I have not tried anyone else within that office to see if I can get better answers. I got five different voicemail messages before I got the person I spoke to.

  19. I have to note it is mighty suspicious that the new SSDI regs were enacted in March 2014, just in time to shield the nonrecord created by this event from public view.


    At 5:05 minutes Brittany smiles that smile you remember.

  21. They are still pushing this fake story! Check out

    I think I figured out where she is. I think she is spelling her name with an "i" now. Brittani Ziegler, florida, along the coast of course!

  22. The pic on FB was edited to include the new post. When you edit a post, it doesn't change the date along with it. Goof.

    1. OK, you are probably right about that.

      There is, however, another angle to the involvement of Vicky Garcia, which I will be publishing in the near future.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Where ever she is this wonderful lady touch my heart and I am so grateful to her. She filled me with peace and hope her story. I'm so sorry for the loss of your niece or the lost contact from her if she is still alive. If she is alive I just want her to know and say this to get Thank you for saving my life.

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  26. I too thought this story was suspicious. I was searching one day tok see if the movie was still in the making and stumbled across this site. You've seemed to have really done your homework on this. I reead Debbie's book...she sure painted Brittany to be a mean girl, or that's my opinion of it. I certainly am never in agreement with this "death with dignity" mess...its suicide! Anyway you have peaked my i interest in this and was wondering if you have any more updates in your investigating this?

  27. I haven't been able to make it through much of the book, but now YOU have piqued MY interest, so I'll check it out again. (Not spending money on this rag.)

    I put the book down in disgust because Debbie makes it appear that my brother was a bad father and ignored his daughter's pleas for his company. The opposite was true: Debbie employed every machination in the book to keep them apart, and to hurt my brother. Unfortunately, being in Debbie's thrall for most of her life, Brittany became Debbie's creature.

    I only have one update online, from May 2015. I took it off line for awhile so you may not have seen it. I have recently added information about Compassion & Choices' involvement in the organ harvesting industry, a very lucrative enterprise. Damn their eyes.
    I believe I have found Brittany, but can't publish my info on this site yet, for obvious reasons. I will be following up.

    Thanks very much for your comment.

    1. I meant check it out from the LIBRARY. LOL.

    2. I keep visiting this site to see if you've added any new info, I saw the one from Nov 2017. You said you thought you found Brittany, can you add any of your findings on this site? Did you get through the book yet? I'm still wondering why Debbie wrote all that stuff about her daughter being so mean to her at the end but Brittany wasn't mean to her friends that were around at the end..I'm wondering why she wrote all that, especially the part where Brittany hit her if her daughter is still alive which I believe she is....

    3. Sorry: I will post my new info by the end of next week.

      I'd love to know what persuaded you that Brittany is still alive--hopefully, it's my findings, but if there are other things that occurred to you, or you gleaned from the book, I'd like to know them. Thanks.

  28. If you consider the amount of medications she was on that definitely cause weight gain and bloat, and her likely exhaustion due to treatments and meds and just emotional trauma from this experience, the pictures definitely do look like the same person. And you sound like a woman with a grudge against the woman who divorced your brother. I hope you find peace.

  29. I disagree that the pictures look like the same person. Note that the woman in the video isn't even the same as the woman shown on the cover of People, whose face is not bloated, although that picture was supposedly taken in October 2014. Same with the woman shown in still photos walking in the forest with her "husband." She also does not have that bloated face.

    Maybe I do have a grudge against Debbie. She used to be my friend but turned into a fiend, who engaged in a series of sexual affairs and busted up not only her own marriage but another one, throughout focusing on extorting money from my brother and denying him the ability to have a relationship with his daughter. My brother is a nice guy and was a loving father. Debbie did her utmost to alienate her daughter's affections for him--and at last succeeded.

  30. Alison:

    She is alive!

    I found a Brittany Lauren Maynard on TruthFinder (paid subscription), 34, dob Nov. 19, 1984, whose family members include Daniel Diaz, Deborah Ziegler and William Ross Maynard. The report says that on Jan. 20, 2015, she purchased a home (15 Sandstone Ct, Alamo, CA 94507-1615) for $950,000. I just emailed you the report as a PDF.

  31. Thanks, Dr. Eowyn. As I mentioned in my reply to you, I am quite sure the home at 15 Sandstone Ct., Alamo, CA has been in both Brittany and Dan Diaz's names since I first started researching this, which would have been mid-October 2014, so I don't know why TruthFinder shows a purchase date of Jan. 20, 2015. It is possible Dan Diaz lives there--I am confident that Brittany does not.

  32. Another psyop with a fake death certificate. FAKE HOAX the bitch aint dead not one bit. Exhume her body to prove she is real. Probably a dog in the casket

    1. She was "supposedly" cremated, so there won't be a body. But yes! She is alive, this was absolutely a hoax to push the 'death with dignify" shit. I think Allison knows where she may be.....

  33. The Mainstream Media is fake news. Thank you for sharing this story of your niece and calling out the scammers. If only more people could locate their integrity the world would be a better place. WE are watching actors on the news every day. We are watching actors in congress and in the white house. Don't listen to the trolls. Yes trolls. The have been sent to harass you and discredit you. congratulations on stepping out of the matrix....if only more would follow suit.

  34. Is there any update on this case?

  35. I had a good lead on where she was at the end of 2016--have not looked for her recently, though. I also have reason to believe that her grandmother, Iris Ruth Ziegler, was executed in 2011, before the psy op. Mrs. Ziegler would not have approved of her granddaughter's involvement in this caper. Have been meaning to write about it but very busy helping people sued by Sandy Hook hoaxsters. Will get to it soon.