Friday, May 22, 2015

Policy Objectives of the Staged Tragedy

[This is a continuation of "Brittany Maynard, My Undead Niece."]

Lophatt, a commenter on Memory Hole Blog--where I learned of Brittany's demise--once aptly characterized the continual hoaxes we are subjected to in the U.S., disguised as news, as the "advance of policy through staged tragedies."  

The Brittany "suicide" is one such staged tragedy, but why assisted suicide should be pushed by the governing elites has had me puzzled.  On the face of it, it seems humane.  However, the use of a beautiful 29-year-old as the poster child--rather than the emaciated 90-year-old we would expect to take advantage of the law--has made me look deeper.  There were media reports that Brittany, in her last week of life, was even seen at a Las Vegas dance club!  The message is thus, "Assisted suicide is trendy!  You silly terminal cancer patients wasting away, unable to walk across a room:  cut your life off now and you, too, can be a celebrity!" 

Who profits from legalization of assisted suicide?  One is the decedent's survivors, since a suicide which is legally treated as a death from natural causes means there are no hold-ups to getting your pay-out on that life insurance policy.  The suicide also reduces hospital bills, relieving insurers from paying for protracted end-of-life care.  A big beneficiary of increasing the availability of suicide, and making it trendy for young people, would be the tissue- and organ-harvesting entities.  A 29-year-old is a goldmine, because her tendons, skin, organs, corneas, bones, and other tissues are in great shape.  Even her body and head, as ghoulish as it may sound, can be used in crash and ballistics tests.  Body parts from a single human, according to this disturbing expose in the Orange County Register, were, in 2000, reportedly worth $220,000.  Fifteen years later, maybe we can say $1,000,000.  Finally, in this case (as in Sandy Hook) there is also the inevitable "Go Fund Me" website.  Compassion and Choices could not even tell me how much money the Brittany Fund had brought in.

How "humane" is it to put pressure on sick people, to make them feel they have a duty to die and get out of the way?  The availability of assisted suicide muddies the waters for doctors trying to reconcile their Hippocratic Oath with what the law is now telling them is acceptable conduct.  Why involve doctors at all in this decision?  Everyone knows of the remedy of self-help:  running the car engine in a closed garage, for example.

Oregon's law provides legal cover for the making of false reports, including the types and amounts of controlled substances dispensed.  The only reason I was able to chase down any facts, at all, about the medical and funeral homes involved with Brittany is because I am related to her.  Members of the public generally are not able to obtain her death certificate so can't find out even that much, let alone that the people who filled it out lied; and even I, as a relative, could not discover basic facts I needed simply to establish whether or not she really did kill herself.  Her grieving father, in particular, has a right to know.  Every salient detail was kept from me, with the phony excuse of "privacy restrictions."  

Not only relatives, but the public generally, used to be able to find such things out, but there has been a systematic closing of these doors.  "Privacy laws" in reality enable fraud and should be repealed everywhere.  As a pro-life site I found discusses, that death is stated as occurring from natural causes, when, instead, it occurs through intake of a lethal drug, is itself a false report.  Lying is enshrined as ethical practice by this law.  This site makes other good points I won't recap here; but as one writer says, "“When a ‘right to die’ becomes settled law, soon the right translates into a duty.” 

Update, 8/23/17:  A man named Bradley Williams (President of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide), who, like me, has been commenting negatively on articles which glorify assisted suicide, discovered that the promoters attempted to include prisoners in the California bill that legalized assisted suicide there.  He:

"... noticed on the Compassion & Choices website of June 2016 an event listed for July that establish them in the legal organ donor system.  Studying all the existing legal assisted suicide laws in Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado reveals a covert, nontransparent system after the sign-up process that can allow organ trafficking to thrive since there is zero oversight. Apparently C&C is preparing to gain a market share of lucrative organ trafficking by being involved in the legal system, as indicated by their sponsoring an organ donation event in Coral Gables, Florida, in July 2016.  They have the same business plan and share board members with Planned Parenthood."


  1. I'm surprised that an anti-cabal person such as you would be against assisted aid in dying. Who profits from prolonging the misery of a terminally ill person that does not even want to prolong their own life? Hospitals, one of the biggest scams of this century. You cannot know how much a hospital stay is going to cost when you go in; and you're lucky if you can read your bill once you get out. As of 2007, a Harvard study showed that at least 60% of bankruptcies are related to medical bills and 75% of those are from people that had health insurance.
    What can be a more basic human right than controlling when to end it? By the way, my understanding is that catalytic converters have rendered the the die from car exhaust method ineffective. When you look into it, finding a guaranteed way to do yourself in quickly and painlessly is not all that easy. Even in Oregon, in 2005 there were 3 unsuccessful attempts with the prescribed medication.

    1. Yes, good points, surely, although there are other ways of addressing hospital and doctor overcharges than increasing the availability of assisted suicide.

      That's sick, about the unsuccessful attempts with the lethal medication in Oregon. I did not know about that; but the same thing has been true in executions.

      Regardless of the switch to catalytic converters, people still do die of carbon monoxide poisoning, and there are other ways to administer it (as we know from Sylvia Plath). Carbon monoxide does appear to be a painless way to go, so is to be preferred over drugs that may only leave you a vegetable, or in even more pain. It has the salubrious effect of not enriching the drug companies, hospice corporations, doctors, and hospitals, too.

    2. Just want people to know that these white boxes around certain comments are not my doing--and I do not know how to get rid of them!

  2. I can't get over the irony that one is not allowed to control one's pain using opiates (viva la Opioid Crisis!), but you can choose assisted suicide for intractable pain.

    What in the world have we come to?