Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Very Weird Coincidence

I've previously written about my suspicions re the physician-assisted suicide of my niece, Brittany Maynard, in Oregon.  My conversations with the Crown Funeral Home/Cascade Cremation Center established that, although the director signed the death certificate, the home never actually dealt with a body. "She is not in the system," the employee said.

The story gets weirder.  I came across this article about the earlier untimely death in Oregon of Brittany's friend Tyler James Dawson.

Note, first, that it is the Crown Mortuary which ran the tribute.  Kind of funny--wouldn't you agree?--that this young man's "dear adopted sister and good friend" Brittany Maynard Diaz (and "dear adopted aunt" and "second mother" Debbie Ziegler Holmes) are there in the guy's last hours, when even his own parents and siblings are not. It's also strange that both of them, Brittany and Tyler--these two close friends from Southern California--end up dying in Oregon within months of each other, in the "care" of the same funeral home. 

The picture of the decedent in the group photo looks like the same as the one of him with the trout, except reversed, with a lampshade stuck on his head (probably to cover up the original cap), and the creepy white decal on the black shirt blacked out.  It looks like the same decal on the cap.  And is he really holding that fish?  It looks pasted onto his hand.  His right shoulder in the group photo does not look real, either.  So, I think Tyler James Dawson, or at least his death, is a fake.  His mother (Sherri Wheeler) comments, "Don't think of him as gone away his journey's just begun..."  Hmm.

So this man dies in June 2014, and Brittany later that year.  "Mighty convenient if you want to disappear a couple," as one astute friend of mine has observed. I should explain:  I think Brittany may have gone to work for the CIA, under an alias.

The tribute says there was to be another memorial service for Tyler in Southern California later, but I did not find any mention of that through Google. 

Brittany attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, for her first two years of college.  She transferred to Berkeley as a junior in Fall 2004.  So she could have known Tyler at Saddleback--if he existed.  I found a Tyler J. Dawson who was apparently a sophomore at UCLA in 2005, but no image.  And I did find a birth certificate for him in California public records.

The man standing directly behind Brittany in the photo is of a Jeff Daspit.  The Google entries for Daspit I looked at originally, at the library, contained references to an organization with a Hebrew name I'd never heard of before.  Later, those entries did not come up.  What did come up on Daspit was that he is an "executive recruiter" for "Fluid Intelligence," or was.  Maybe he "recruited" Brittany and Debbie for this dry run of another fake death of a newbie CIA agent.  Daspit lives in Costa Mesa, CA. 

As for Danny Dawson, another person mentioned in the tribute, there is NO birth certificate for him.  So I wonder if he was born Tyler James and changed his name.  A Danny Dawson graduated from Berkeley in 2001, but I was not able to access his picture in the UC Berkeley yearbook (via, although it may be there, with a bad page number in the index.  A "Daniel Dawson" commented on the Facebook pages of both Brittany and Debbie. 

Is Danny Dawson Brittany's real husband?

***A message to Brittany:  Brittany, if you read this, please contact your father.  The shocking news of your demise had a very serious negative impact on his health.  Fortunately, he appears now to be recovered.  I am sure he will not reveal your secret.  He loves you.  I would like you to contact me, too.  I also promise not to reveal your secret.  (However, I am not taking my blog posts off the web!  I will just leave them the way they are and say no more.) 

I hope you are having a fun and full life wherever you are, punkin.