Friday, August 17, 2018

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men Are Upon Us

Our freedom of speech is under all-out siege.  The slightest smoldering hint of independent thought is being hunted down and stamped out.

I have watched in astonishment as alternative news sources I regularly visited and learned from are being shut down, one by one, with no warning and no due process.  American Everyman taught me about Syria, daily exposing mainstream media lies.  He also had extensive research into 9/11.  Now gone, wiped clean off the web, without even being told what "policy" he violated, let alone provided the ability to contest it.  He woke up to find himself silenced, and all his content and comments blitzed into oblivion.  The same with Guns and Butter, Fellowship of the Minds and Cinderella's Broom, which posted not only thought-provoking, but factual, material, about the Sandy Hook and Parkland hoaxes in particular.  Infowars' videos have been removed from YouTube.  SGT Report is gone, and Jay's AnalysisNatural News was shut down.  Debbie Lusignan experienced interference with her internet connection, such that she had to record her fresh and informed analyses for The Sane Progressive--in her car for a long time.

This morning, I learned that a conference set for Sept. 8, 2018, at which a survivor of the official attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, along with Christopher Bollyn--whose meticulous research into the causes of 9/11 needs to reach EVERYONE--set for the Contessa Hotel in San Antonio was cancelled yesterday, Aug. 16th, without any reason given.  The owner of the hotel is developer Gerald Hines.  I litigated against Hines, along with his confederates at the Aspen Skiing Company, in Colorado in the 1990's over their environmentally disastrous snowmaking proposals.  The Ski Company is owned by the Crown crime family of Chicago, which also owns General Dynamics, and Bollyn has written extensively about the Crowns' mob connections.  So, get it?  That's why a conference featuring Bollyn is not going to take place at the Contessa Hotel.  So, I will be leaving a negative review for the Contessa Hotel, and I hope everyone who reads this joins me.

James Tracy lost his academic position for presenting research and writing in his Memory Hole Blog questioning the official narrative of many events, particularly Sandy Hook, including the complete abdication of responsibility by shills who call themselves journalists.   I can point to my own situation, too, fighting a slew of groundless proceedings against my license to practice law brought by the Colorado Supreme Court's goons for over four years, for (responsibly) exposing official corruption, particularly judicial corruption in cases I was handling, not to mention the "offense" of running for Colorado Attorney General on a platform of cleaning that corruption up.

Wolfgang Halbig, who has doggedly pursued his investigation into Sandy Hook frauds for almost six years, has been subjected to terrifying retaliation:  thug cops visiting his home and threatening not only to arrest him, but to harm his family, if he continues exercising his free speech rights; miscreants (probably in Intelligence) who do such things as send rubber ducks dipped in poison through the mail using Wolf's return address to pretend he sent them;  the so-called "victims' families," who are nothing but money-grubbing liars, and bringing ceaseless frivolous lawsuits against him; and much more.  There is no recourse these days.  Someone threatens you with harm, that's just too bad:  the police are not there to protect you.  They are there to do the bidding of the economic interests you may pose a threat to.  Welcome to the Police State of America.

Exposés of the Sandy Hook caper on these blogs appear to link the shut-downs.  The fraudsters bringing the curtain down are desperate:  Wolf has come up with stunning proof that the Sandy Hook School was closed on Dec. 14, 2012, when the shooting reportedly took place there.  His latest is a bombshell:  so-called 471 applications which the Newtown School District filed with the FCC in March 2012 claimed internet discounts for Chalk Hill Middle School--a school which was closed, provided internet service to no students, and was not in Newtown's district--because the conspirators already had the plan in place of moving Sandy Hook students there by at least August 2012, although pretending the move took place at the end of December, after the "shooting" they planned to stage as a pretext.  Wolf also has records of food deliveries to "Sandy Hook School at 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe, CT" between April and December 13, 2012, more than eight months before Sandy Hook students were supposed to be at that address. 

[Note that I had to link to someone's reblog of the Fellowship of the Minds article about Wolf's findings, since FOTM is now gone!--and then that link was broken, as I found on 1/1/20, so I've pointed it to another document.]

It is time to man the barricades and fight back, with stones and sticks and Molotov cocktails aimed at least for their pocketbooks.  I've been calling for a boycott of Google since 2010.  Boycott Youtube, Wordpress, Spotify, and the other offenders.  (Ironically, it doesn't look like Google is closing down blogs on blogspot, maybe in hopes all bloggers will migrate to it, the most intelligence-controlled outlet there is!  I use gmail, too, despite calling for boycotting Google.  Well, I boycott Google's search engine!)  In the comments below, Readers please help and list other citizen journalists or blogs you know have been axed, and add your ideas about how to get the censorship monkey off the people's back.  I am thinking about how people organized in Russia in 1917 to overthrow the tsar, and how they organized in the Paris commune:  they printed leaflets and passed them out, held secret meetings, instituted blockades, devised plans.  Michael Ruppert had mirror sites because of all the attacks on his website.  Can we not set up a multiplicity of mirror sites and outwit our oppressors?  Can we set blogs up so the moment youtube shuts a video down it springs up in 40 other locations?

But...the bloggers already stricken may never get their work back.

All the more reason to write books and articles on paper, rather than electronically, I think.  The government doesn't need to bother burning books if real books are never created in the first place.

The Humpty Dumpty analogy, although obscure at first blush, may be apt.  Once shattered to smithereens, our work and communications networks can't be put back together again.  We can't come close to functioning the way we did before.