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The Highly Unlikely Suicide of Abe Dabela: Part II

This article, by guest author Cinderella Broom, concludes the two-part series on the murder of Abe Dabela, pronounced a suicide by Stephen J. Sedensky, III.  It was originally written on March 2, 2019.  Cinderella's blog was summarily shut down by WordPress so this was originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds.  Then that blog was shut down!  Readers are urged to read Part I before continuing further.

Above is a map of the crime scene where, on April 5, 2014, attorney Abe Dabela died of a gunshot wound to the back of his head.  Around midnight, he was traveling north on Umpawaug Road, a lonely two-lane strip, cloaked by trees.  His overturned car was later found where the road crossed Mallory Lane, too small to merit mention of its name in the map above, but large enough to hide a car and allow a driver to lie in wait.

Part I of this series outlined the circumstances that preceded Dabela's death:
  •  His outspoken defense of the Second Amendment and property rights in at least three local venues.
  • His history of contention over a gun permit with Redding's chief of police, Douglas Fuchs.
  • And, most significant to this article, the call he made to Wolfgang Halbig to discuss the 12/4/12 Sandy Hook incident approximately three weeks before his death.  During this call, Mr. Halbig says that Dabela expressed concerns about Sandy Hook based on 16 questions Mr. Halbig had posed.
In June 2017, Danbury State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky, III, ruled unequivocally that no homicide had occurred in Dabela's death.  Sedensky had already achieved notoriety as the overseer of the official report on the Sandy Hook incident, a document loaded with inconsistencies.

Sedensky's ruling on Dabela's death did not silence Dabela's family, who, in late 2018, were still seeking DNA samples from three firefighters who were later determined to have been at the crime scene.

Where there's smoke.  According to the Dabelas' attorneys, "[Abe] Dabela had been intimidated by Redding firefighters at a local bar a few weeks before his death."

Who were these firefighters?  This has never been disclosed.  But we can say for a certainty that a Redding Ridge* Fire Department ambulance--as well as Douglas Fuchs-were present at another, possibly relevant event:  the Sandy Hook event of 12/14/12.

We know this because it was documented in the investigation report that Douglas Fuchs submitted to the State of Connecticut.  Three dates appear on the report:
  • February 20, 2013 is given as the date that Fuchs's report was obtained by three Newtown police officers after being "left at the Newtown Police Department."  This date appears on the cover of the report.
  • 3/18/13 is given at the bottom of the report cover as the official "report date."
  • 2/4/13 is given at the top of page 2 of the report as the "rpt date." 
This is confusing.  Apparently it took over a month (from Feb. 20 til March 18, 2013) for Newtown's Police Department to process the report after it was "left."  And it took Fuchs nearly two months (from Dec. 14, 2012, til Feb. 4, 2013) to write the report.  In between was a gap of 16 days (from Feb. 4 til Feb. 20) while the report sat in a drawer.  Why all the delays?

To review why Douglas Fuchs submitted such a report:  He was present and very actively engaged at the Sandy Hook fire house and school during the time of the purported Sandy Hook massacre.

According to his report, he was in his police cruiser at about 9:30 a.m. on 12/14/12, headed to a meeting in the Hartford vicinity, when he overheard radio transmissions from the Newtown Police Department about a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  He offered his assistance through the Redding Police Dispatch.

Let's examine some of the statements from Fuchs's document and see where it takes us.

Fuchs's children.  As discussed in Part I, Fuchs had children attending Sandy Hook Elementary School at the time.  A glaring omission in his report is whether or not he sought information on their safety and whereabouts after hearing about the shooting.

     CB:  If he had, wouldn't that be in the report?  And if he hadn't, why not?

Ambulances"...I overheard another transmission on the Newtown frequency in which a Newtown officer was asking for multiple ambulances as there were 'bodies everywhere.'"

     CB:  As we know, those ambulances never actually made it to the school.  Instead, they massed up at the firehouse on Riverside Drive, about a tenth of a mile away.  So if there were "bodies everywhere," where were the bodies?  At the firehouse?

Firefighters.  "The Redding Ridge Fire Department ambulance was also summonsed [sic] and met us at the town line as well."

     CB:  Interesting.  Fuchs seems to have rallied the Redding fire department to march on Sandy Hook.  Remember:  Abe Dabela was said to have feuded with some firefighters a few weeks before his death.  Were they Redding firefighters?  Was Dabela asking them about Sandy Hook?

Four Teachers.  "On our way through Sandy Hook Center we encountered four Sandy Hook teachers who had fled the school ... all requested that I transport them back to where the students were.  I transported all four teachers to the Sandy Hook Firehouse on my way to the school."

     CB:  This seems odd.  If teachers had "fled" the school, why did they want to return?  Had they simply fled and abandoned their students and, perhaps, felt guilty later?  Do other police reports make note of four teachers who fled the scene, then returned later, courtesy of Mr. Fuchs?  (A question we'll address further down.)

Later in the report, Fuchs writes that "All staff from Sandy Hook School was gathered and each member was interviewed by the State Police in the firehouse."  How were they gathered?  Did they all receive text messages on their iPhones?

According to Fuchs, there were stragglers running around in the Village, whom he transported.  It's quite logical to assume that other staff members also fled the scene and ran home.  How is it possible that "all staff" were interviewed "in the firehouse," unless they had all been informed previously to gather there?

White male suspect.  "Upon arrival at the school I met with Chief Kehoe ...  There was a white male who had been detained by the Newtown Police Officers and there was great uncertainty as to what, if any, involvement he had in the incident ... this individual who was eventually turned over to the Connecticut State Police."

       CB:  ... And disappeared into the Sandy Hook swamp of permanent obfuscation.  Was this the "gingerbread man" -- Chris Manfredonia--the alleged father who allegedly went to the SH school to make gingerbread houses?  Or was this the shadow man that police and their dogs chased in the woods behind the school at 12:23 p.m. according to this LIVE coverage WTNH report?

Reluctant to leave the scene.  Fuchs describes how parents and concerned others were united with students in some detail.  According to his testimony, parents and students alike began appearing at the firehouse.  Toward the end of his description, this statement appears:  "Once parents were reunited with their students, they were strongly encouraged to leave the firehouse to alleviate some of the chaos."

     CB:  Apparently, according to aerial footage from the police helicopter, the majority decided not to follow orders; instead, they paced around the parking lot and circled in and out of the building.

Identifying the dead.  Fuchs tells us that two students of the 26 dead--transported to Danbury Hospital--weren't identified, despite a police investigator sending photographs of them by email.  It seems odd, given the presence of "all staff"--wouldn't one of them have been able to identify these children?  Remember the questions that Wolfgang Halbig posed about these children (see Part I of this series).  They reveal that the children were left untreated for at least an hour at the school because medics weren't allowed in.  Wouldn't someone have been able to identify them during that hour of ostensible agony while they lay dying?

Fuchs also describes how he assisted State Police with victim identification through the creation of files and "spreadsheets" that would "negate the need for one on one family identification(s)."  In other words, thanks to Fuchs et al., family members would never have to look at their dead loved ones again in order to make the final identifications.  Thoughtful of him.

     CB:  Missing from Fuchs's description is where all of this activity took place.  Never once does he mention going into the school to do this macabre work.  From his description, it seems these actions were all electronic, happening on a computer somewhere.  If he actually entered the scene of the crime, that information has been purposely omitted.  There are no redactions, just what would appear to be missing information.

It's also interesting that Fuchs et al. created "spreadsheets" of the victims.  That same ugly word appears in the FEMA Exercise Plan Mass Casualty Drill scheduled for 12/14/12 that is duplicated in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, on pp. 219-38.  On p. 234 in Chapter 23 (Player Guidelines), the following appears:

"The drill evaluator is responsible for:

     1.  Recording the drill information, including date and location of drill, number of players,             etc.  (see Excel-based data collection spreadsheet).

     2.  Gathering the data collection spreadsheets from each player."

Other testimony.  Thanks to Diane Jakopovic, another Sandy Hook researcher, we were able to check Fuchs's report against other police records archived in the CT State Police Sandy Hook Shooting websiteThese include the following:

(1)  Report #00179629 (Newtown Police Radio Transmissions on 12/14/12)

(2)  Report #00040428 (Testimony of Sergeant Signore of the Redding Police Department)

(3)  Report #00040345 (Testimony of Officer Heibeck of the Redding Police Department)

(4)  Report #00251430 (Testimony of CT State Trooper Slaiby)

(5)  Section 13 - Supplemental Reports (page 384 by Officer Jeffrey Silver)

Notable items from each of the above that confirm or contradict Fuchs's report are listed below:

The Newtown Police Dept. transcript (1):  At 10:14:02, the transcript refers to "two officers and an ambulance" from Redding as being "en route."  At 10:15:16 they refer to unidentified people "at Subway over there on Church Hill" who asked for "police presence."  At 10:16:05, it's confirmed that the Redding officers were sent to address the situation at Subway.

The reports from Redding Police Sergeant Signore (2) and Officer Heibeck (3):  Signore says they arrived at the Sandy Hook Fire Department at 9:45, whereas Heibeck says they arrived there at 10:00.  Both accounts do not jibe with the police transcripts, which have the officers still "en route" at 10:14.  Like Fuchs, both Signore and Heibeck mention the "white male" who was detained by state troopers.  But neither of them mentions the "four teachers" in Fuchs's report, nor do they mention people at Subway requesting police presence.  Curiously, both of these reports list the same dates on their cover pages as the Fuchs report:  February 20, 2013 and 3/18/13.

The report from CT State Trooper Ryan Slaiby (4):  This intriguing report provides a secondhand account of a female teacher who allegedly fled the school.  Trooper Slaiby says that "at approximately 12:05," presumably on the day of the shooting, he received "a sworn written statement regarding the school shooting" from the teacher.  Too bad the verbatim account by the teacher attached to his report is completely redacted.  Slaiby plods along, however, and we get the picture:  the female teacher and several others climbed out a window and fled first to the Villa Restaurant, then eventually ended up in the Subway Restaurant at Glen Road and Church Hill.  According to Slaiby, the teacher also stated that "a police detective from Redding drove them to the firehouse from Subway to account for their students."

     CB:  Ah.  Now it makes sense.  The teachers ran hell-for-leather from one restaurant to another before remembering their charges, then begged for a ride back to the school.

Oddly or not, the date on the cover of Trooper Slaiby's report is a mere day after that for Chief Fuchs's report:  3/19/2013.

The Section 13 Supplemental Reports (5):  Oddest of all the reports, perhaps, is this monster, containing literally hundreds of solidly redacted pages.  But on the very last page--#384--we find our quarry:  one more salute to Chief Fuchs.  The narrative, given by Newtown Police Officer Jeffrey Silver, is about the sorry state of affairs at 36 Yogananda on 12/23/2012, which we are told had not been "properly secured or cleaned since the initial incident."  Preposterous, you say?  Well, you can thank our hero, Chief Fuchs, for his prompt intervention.  Fuchs is credited with contacting a representative from Home Depot and arranging to have the haunted property boarded up and secured on 12/24/12, just in time for Christmas.

Conclusion:  Douglas Fuchs's report was finally part of the Newtown police record by March 18, 2013.  Abe Dabela was murdered on April 5, 2014.  In between those two dates, Dabela had plenty of time to review Fuchs's report and to ask questions similar to those posed above.  We can speculate as to whether his questions led to his death.  But one thing is or certain:  Dabela had questions about Sandy Hook.  And those questions were never answered.


*Redding Ridge is a portion of Redding of historic interest.

Thanks to Diane Jakopovic, Alison Maynard, Tony Mead, Anne Berg and Wolfgang Halbig.


"The trouble in this case is that everybody has been much too credulous and believing.  You simply cannot afford to believe everything that people tell you.  When there's anything fishy about, I never believe anyone at all.  You see, I know human nature so well."  Jane Marple in The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie.

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The Goons Who Stalk Me

I've been prominently "exposed" on a very nasty website at least since July 2019, the registrant and "purchaser" of which is Leonard Pozner.  Named as the current owner of the site (which makes no sense, since he's the one who sold it to Poz, yet Poz was the registrant!) is a 46-year-old California meth addict who has federal child pornography charges pending against him named Doug Maguire.  Pozner pays Maguire with gift cards, a nice little tax avoidance scheme for Doug.

Here's Doug. 

I can't point readers to this website without defaming myself further; and, in fact, a Pinterest page has come up with the same crap on it.  Suffice it to say that it invades my privacy, libels me, and jeopardizes my personal safety.  Having little choice but to set the record straight, though, not only have I no "financial improprieties" in my past, as they lamely try to show, I have a credit score of over 800, despite being unemployed or underemployed for many years now.  I pay my bills and live within my means.  So that's an outright lie.  I also have no criminal record.  I have testimonials from numerous former clients about what a dedicated lawyer I am and how much I have helped them, often without compensation.  Here are six affidavits attesting to my dedication and competence which I submitted to overcome the 2009 order to show cause why I should not be sent to a mental evaluation, which the disciplinary judge issued on his own motion.  This bogus disability proceeding was prosecuted in violation of Colorado Supreme Court rules, in conjunction with the groundless four-year disciplinary siege they subjected me to at the behest of a combination of crooked lawyers and judges who knew that what I had uncovered, and was litigating, could not only mess up their billion-dollar water thefts, but put them in prison.  So they got me first.  There is only a small bit of this history set forth in this blog so far, since it enrages me and fills me with despair to revisit everything I went through, but more is coming. 

So my reputation was already trashed and my life ruined long before Poseur and Magoo founded their scurrilous website, but they have now toppled what I have tried to rebuild--and ruined the lives of other Sandy Hook skeptics, too.  I asked them to take the entire website down.  I told them I would publish what I had on them if they didn't, but they have not even responded to that warning.  So here is the quid pro quo.

There is such a staggering amount of evidence that the Sandy Hook "shooting" was a staged affair that I can't possibly recount it here, but that's obviously the starting point for exposing these two gatekeepers.  Those unfamiliar with the psy op should read this pleading, which contains safe links to exhibits that Wolfgang Halbig filed in the case against him in Connecticut, and Jim Fetzer's book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which can be downloaded for free online.  The key operative for the staged event is, in fact, Pozner, who has set up approximately 40 domains the principal purpose of which is  to attack Sandy Hook skeptics, and boasted about removing 10,000 content items from the internet.  Here's an investigative report on Pozner done in Sept. 2016.  According to it he's used the Social Security number of a deceased woman named Anna M. Maguire (who must be connected to Pozner's cohort Doug Maguire, although I haven't been able to make the connection, myself).  Pozner also owns a gun with a laser sight.  Yeah, I'm sure happy this creep knows where I live!  Here's another report naming Pozner as an "employee" of the website I'm talking about.  OK, the name of this garbage website is

I had earlier linked to Leonard Pozner's video deposition, but have been urged to remove the link, so I have.*   The video and transcript say "confidential," and although breach of that confidentiality order was the reason for the outrageous $7,000 fine Wisconsin Toady Judge Frank Remington levied on Jim Fetzer for contempt, the order was entered without due process and is overbroad, in violation of applicable statutes.  That means it is void. There's no financial information or anything else plausibly confidential in it.   It strongly appears the purpose of the protective order is to keep people from comparing still images from it, since the man in the deposition looks nothing like the man holding adorable little "Noah" in published photos:

[If the image I placed here is removed or squashed, please use this link.]  And this:

Pozner claims that he's had to move several times due to harassment by "hoaxers."  This is not supported by the investigative report.  Although it shows many addresses, the only ones which would support his claim would be those initiated after 12/14/12.  Post office boxes, UPS stores, and offices don't count.  One which might qualify, 22215 Bella Lago Dr., Apt. 2124, Boca Raton, FL, used from 7/8/13 to 4/9/14, comes up in the name of Veronique Pozner as a nurse.  The address 418 W. 130th, New York, NY, a basement apartment in use from 2/2014 through 9/2015, also might qualify, although these two overlap a little.  So, possibly two residences in the first four years after the psy op, and this couple supposedly divorced in 2014 so of course they want separate residences by that point.  That would be the reason for that move.  Because the report was done in September 2016, moves after that date are not shown, but because no information for Leonard Pozner (or "Posner") even comes up in search services like or Intelius, how would people interested in harassing him even find him?  They would have had to pay for another report like this one.

In fact, there is no reliable evidence Leonard and Veronique were even married.  Jim Fetzer tried to get the marriage license in discovery in the lawsuit Leonard filed against him, and Judge Remington prohibited it as "irrelevant."  Despite this ruling Lenny's attorney then produced Lenny's affidavit attesting to the marriage, which was inadmissible not only as "irrelevant," per the order the attorney himself had gotten in place, but because it was not the best evidence:  it lacked information such as the date and place of the marriage, names and signatures of witnesses and the officiant, and of course certification by a governmental entity.  And there was no reason proffered why the license itself had not been produced.  We are entitled to conclude it does not exist.  Similarly, there is no indicia of a divorce.  In her petition for bankruptcy filed in Sept. 2012, Veronique asserted that she owned 3 Kale Davis Rd. on her own.  No mention of a husband anywhere in the document, yet she was supposedly married to Leonard until 2014. 

As for Mr. Magoo, who uses a UPS box in Toluca Lake, California, for his address, he makes death threats which have been ignored by the Burbank police department, since it is apparently using him as an informant, and films himself talking about committing and videotaping murders.

This upstanding citizen was outed by Felix Pantaleon, another person who has been dragged through the lawsuit mill by Pozner.*  The second one of the videos linked to above refers to Maguire as a "failed actor, drug addict, and criminal."  I could not watch all of that, it is so appalling.  Doug Maguire used to be a "hoaxer"--even merited a thank-you in the credits of "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook"--but he turned.  Although his writings are largely incomprehensible it appears he lost access to his young son because of involvement in "the hoaxer cult," which his wife found distasteful.  Right.  I would venture to say there was a lot of other stuff she didn't like and she feared for her and her son's safety, the reason for the restraining order Maguire alludes to.

Anyway, now that Maguire's not involved in the cult, and has even turned against it for the big bucks, does that mean he got his son back?   Or must he continue libeling people he doesn't even know in order to ensure continued visitation?  Damn it, Magoo, I am not responsible for your domestic troubles.  I intend to write a letter to the court, if I can find it (not easy in California), and let them know about your publishing my personal information on the web and defaming me, along with others, totally unprovoked, intentionally to cause us harm.

*There is a very key admission in this deposition which establishes that Pozner and his attorney Jake Zimmerman made a misrepresentation to the court earlier.  Pozner agrees in the deposition that the uncertified death certificate Jim Fetzer published in his book is the death certificate which he had posted on his Google Plus page, where Fetzer got it from.  But in the affidavit signed under oath by Pozner in support of his motion for summary judgment, which Zimmerman submitted to the court, he states under oath that a certified copy of the death certificate is what was posted on the Google Plus page.  Attached to the affidavit are two certified versions as exhibits and yet a third certified version was an attachment to the complaint.  These misrepresentations to the court will be the subject of a grievance against Jake Zimmerman's law license in the near future.

Thanks to several researchers who don't want to be named.  Your having dug up this goldmine of information about Mr. Magoo is greatly appreciated, by all of his victims!


A little comparison, since we are all laughing over the photo of that dweeb:

The resemblance is striking!

       *Pozner's case against Felix Pantaleon in Florida was just dismissed, 1-17-20.   The case is bolstered that Pozner is a vexatious litigant.  Let's hope an order barring him from filing more lawsuits is in his future.        

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No Burial for the Dead Boy

I've been assisting James Fetzer, Ph.D., as well as Wolfgang Halbig (both without compensation), in the defamation lawsuits Sandy Hook "victims' parents" have filed against them. 

The most vocal of these plaintiffs has been Leonard Pozner.  He's also the most vindictive.  While representing himself as the grieving parent of a boy, "Noah," killed at the Sandy Hook school shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, Pozner brags about being responsible for the take-down of 10,000 content items from the internet.*  He has created at least 40 domains the purpose of which is to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of Sandy Hook researchers (including me).  He's been very successful in his campaign.  Here's a catalog of his vicious acts (a work in progress by a co-researcher).  Look at any of these websites Lenny's created and see what lies in store for anyone who questions the official Sandy Hook narrative.  The one doing the harassing and defaming is Lenny.  For example, here's my blog post about the harassing--and frivolous--lawsuit he filed against Wolfgang Halbig.  He has recently threatened another one!

How is it that Lenny's version of events gets such wide play in the national media?  It's not backed up by hard evidence.  Here's an in-depth look at one piece of that picture:  the funeral and burial of "Noah," starting with the affidavit of Samuel Green, the undertaker who claims he prepared the dead boy's body, hosted his funeral, and arranged the burial.  That affidavit was filed in Pozner's case against James Fetzer.  Dr. Fetzer filed a motion to strike it, for false statements which made it unreliable as a matter of law.   In the interest of completeness, here's the plaintiff's response.  In a nutshell, Green isn't licensed as a funeral director, as he claims, although he is licensed as an embalmer.  Different licensing examinations are given for these two occupations.  Doesn't he remember which one he took?  Green also doesn't know the name of his own business.  He said it was "Abraham L. Green & Sons Funeral Home."  In fact, it is "A.L. Green & Son Funeral Home."  That's why the name he gave in his affidavit comes up "not found" when you put it into the Connecticut license lookup.

Green says in par. 18:

      18. I recall Noah Pozner’s funeral. The funeral service was held at my funeral home. It was the only time in my career that the police canine performed a bomb sweep of my funeral home prior to a funeral and the door was locked and guarded by state and town police. ...

Unfortunately for the official story and Green's sworn statement, the Fairfield Police Department has no record of performing a bomb sweep, guarding the door, or engaging in any other activity at 88 Beach Rd. in Fairfield, CT (the address of the A.L. Green & Son Funeral Home) on Dec. 17th, 2012.  As for the State Police, here's what they provided.  Houston, we have a problem!   While they do reference the K-9 explosive unit, the report says that "dispatch," "en route," and "arrive" all occurred at the same time, 16:49 (4:49 p.m.) on Dec. 17th, and "clear" was at 19:03 (7:03 p.m.) on Dec. 18th.  However, the funeral service for Noah took place at 1:00 p.m. on Dec. 17th.  So the bomb sweep began 2-3 hours after the service was over!   Everyone was long out of there.  Gov. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Wyman had to have left even before Noah's service started at 1:00, since they supposedly attended the funeral for Jack Pinto in Newtown, too, also scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Dec. 17th.  It's 26 miles to Newtown from Fairfield, about a 40-min drive.

By the way, was there a bomb sweep before all the funerals?  Why should Noah's be so special?

Anyway, let's get to the pretend burial.  Dr. Fetzer's motion to strike Green's affidavit mentioned that, although Green testifies to paying $3 for a burial permit with the Town of Fairfield, where his mortuary business is located, he did not provide a copy of the permit itself.  Thus, his statement is hearsay, and inadmissible.  My request to the Town of Fairfield for a copy of the permit was met with the admission that there is no record of Green obtaining any burial permit on Dec. 17th, the Monday after the Sandy Hook event (which occurred Friday the 14th), or paying that $3.  This means he did not get any burial permit so could not legally have buried this boy.  In fact, it's puzzling, because Green is a subregistrar in the Town of Fairfield, which means he can issue a burial permit himself when the Town Clerk's office is not open--yet that's not what he says he did.  He says he went to the office and paid $3.

The burial permit--properly called a "burial, transit, and removal permit" in Connecticut law--is apparently stamped on the back of the death certificate when a subregistrar completes it; otherwise, it is on a separate piece of paper.  (The Fairfield "vitals clerk" actually could not even explain this procedure but that's my interpretation of what should happen, based on statute.  I asked two town clerks what regulation spells this procedure out and neither was able to answer.)  For the record, not one of the four (count 'em, four) different death certificates issued for Noah Pozner (see exhibits)--three carrying certifications from the Town of Newtown or State of Connecticut, or both--has anything stamped on the back.  

Green says that, although the funeral was originally scheduled for Dec. 16th, because Pres. Obama came to Newtown on Dec. 16th he had to change it to Dec. 17th.  He says at par. 21 that he made a change to Box 31 of the death certificate to reflect that fact; but there is no change evident in box 31 of any of the DC's.

Green says burial occurred at the B'nai Israel Cemetery.  By law, as Green says, the burial permit must be turned over to the sexton of the cemetery at the time of interment, who files it with the town  clerk of the town in which the cemetery is located.  B'nai Israel Cemetery is in the Town of Monroe.  Ah:  this is why he needed the burial permit on a separate piece of paper.  The death certificate must be filed in the town where the death occurred, which is Newtown.  So we have three municipalities in the mix.  Interestingly, Green never says he provided the burial permit to the sexton, or to anyone else, a material omission in his affidavit.  I did a records request to the Town of Monroe not only asking for a copy of the burial permit filed with the Town, but for the sexton's monthly report, also required by law.   In a second FOIA I asked for the identity of the sexton for B'nai Israel cemetery in Dec. 2012 and Jan. 2013.  The clerk acknowledged receipt of both requests but has not produced any records.  Under Connecticut's Freedom of Information law responsive documents are required to be provided within four days of the request; otherwise, the request is taken as denied.  So both my requests have been denied, which can only mean one thing:  the records do not exist.  They were never created. Thus, there was no permit for the burial of Noah Pozner.  That means there was no burial. 

And equally curious, there is no information online as to who the sexton even is today, for the B'nai Israel Cemetery. 

The contention that there is no evidence whatsoever of a burial has been bolstered by Leonard Pozner himself.  He was asked, in requests for production by Dr. Fetzer's publisher and co-defendant Wrongs Without Wremedies, to produce all his receipts for the funeral service and coffin purchase; sales contract and deed for the burial plot; and receipts for costs of embalmment supplies, mortuary services, transportation services, ushers and other personnel at the service.  Pozner responded under oath that he has not located such documents but is "continuing to search" for them.  This was on April 24, 2019, and that's the last we've heard.  It's not clear he was even present at the funeral.  Veronique was accompanied by some other man, as well as a woman in a blue scarf and multicolored coat who stuck to her like glue.   This woman's obviously not a family member, being of the wrong race.  Where are Veronique's family members?  Where's Uncle Alexis?  Where are Noah's grandparents, on either side? Where are putative sisters Arielle and Sophie, and step-siblings Michael and Danielle Vabner?? 

Image result for Veronique Pozner at funeral
Image result for Veronique Pozner at funeralSee the source image

And who is Veronique waving goodbye to?

 Image result for woman waving goodbye tearfully

Note, 12/31/19:  I got an email this afternoon from the Monroe town clerk, Vida Stone.  She says she has four pages in response to my records requests and it will be $2.00.  I told her the requests were  denied as a matter of law after four days, so no thanks.  I had suspected this might happen once I published this blog post!

*Hmm, would that be the same Richard Gutjahr who happened to be at TWO mass shootings in the same month in two different counties and was an active member of Lenny’s “Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous”?  You got it!