Friday, December 20, 2019

No Burial for the Dead Boy

I've been assisting James Fetzer, Ph.D., as well as Wolfgang Halbig (both without compensation), in the defamation lawsuits Sandy Hook "victims' parents" have filed against them. 

The most vocal of these plaintiffs has been Leonard Pozner.  He's also the most vindictive.  While representing himself as the grieving parent of a boy, "Noah," killed at the Sandy Hook school shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, Pozner brags about being responsible for the take-down of 10,000 content items from the internet.*  He has created at least 40 domains the purpose of which is to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of Sandy Hook researchers (including me).  He's been very successful in his campaign.  Here's a catalog of his vicious acts (a work in progress by a co-researcher).  Look at any of these websites Lenny's created and see what lies in store for anyone who questions the official Sandy Hook narrative.  The one doing the harassing and defaming is Lenny.  For example, here's my blog post about the harassing--and frivolous--lawsuit he filed against Wolfgang Halbig.  He has recently threatened another one!

How is it that Lenny's version of events gets such wide play in the national media?  It's not backed up by hard evidence.  Here's an in-depth look at one piece of that picture:  the funeral and burial of "Noah," starting with the affidavit of Samuel Green, the undertaker who claims he prepared the dead boy's body, hosted his funeral, and arranged the burial.  That affidavit was filed in Pozner's case against James Fetzer.  Dr. Fetzer filed a motion to strike it, for false statements which made it unreliable as a matter of law.   In the interest of completeness, here's the plaintiff's response.  In a nutshell, Green isn't licensed as a funeral director, as he claims, although he is licensed as an embalmer.  Different licensing examinations are given for these two occupations.  Doesn't he remember which one he took?  Green also doesn't know the name of his own business.  He said it was "Abraham L. Green & Sons Funeral Home."  In fact, it is "A.L. Green & Son Funeral Home."  That's why the name he gave in his affidavit comes up "not found" when you put it into the Connecticut license lookup.

Green says in par. 18:

      18. I recall Noah Pozner’s funeral. The funeral service was held at my funeral home. It was the only time in my career that the police canine performed a bomb sweep of my funeral home prior to a funeral and the door was locked and guarded by state and town police. ...

Unfortunately for the official story and Green's sworn statement, the Fairfield Police Department has no record of performing a bomb sweep, guarding the door, or engaging in any other activity at 88 Beach Rd. in Fairfield, CT (the address of the A.L. Green & Son Funeral Home) on Dec. 17th, 2012.  As for the State Police, here's what they provided.  Houston, we have a problem!   While they do reference the K-9 explosive unit, the report says that "dispatch," "en route," and "arrive" all occurred at the same time, 16:49 (4:49 p.m.) on Dec. 17th, and "clear" was at 19:03 (7:03 p.m.) on Dec. 18th.  However, the funeral service for Noah took place at 1:00 p.m. on Dec. 17th.  So the bomb sweep began 2-3 hours after the service was over!   Everyone was long out of there.  Gov. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Wyman had to have left even before Noah's service started at 1:00, since they supposedly attended the funeral for Jack Pinto in Newtown, too, also scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Dec. 17th.  It's 26 miles to Newtown from Fairfield, about a 40-min drive.

By the way, was there a bomb sweep before all the funerals?  Why should Noah's be so special?

Anyway, let's get to the pretend burial.  Dr. Fetzer's motion to strike Green's affidavit mentioned that, although Green testifies to paying $3 for a burial permit with the Town of Fairfield, where his mortuary business is located, he did not provide a copy of the permit itself.  Thus, his statement is hearsay, and inadmissible.  My request to the Town of Fairfield for a copy of the permit was met with the admission that there is no record of Green obtaining any burial permit on Dec. 17th, the Monday after the Sandy Hook event (which occurred Friday the 14th), or paying that $3.  This means he did not get any burial permit so could not legally have buried this boy.  In fact, it's puzzling, because Green is a subregistrar in the Town of Fairfield, which means he can issue a burial permit himself when the Town Clerk's office is not open--yet that's not what he says he did.  He says he went to the office and paid $3.

The burial permit--properly called a "burial, transit, and removal permit" in Connecticut law--is apparently stamped on the back of the death certificate when a subregistrar completes it; otherwise, it is on a separate piece of paper.  (The Fairfield "vitals clerk" actually could not even explain this procedure but that's my interpretation of what should happen, based on statute.  I asked two town clerks what regulation spells this procedure out and neither was able to answer.)  For the record, not one of the four (count 'em, four) different death certificates issued for Noah Pozner (see exhibits)--three carrying certifications from the Town of Newtown or State of Connecticut, or both--has anything stamped on the back.  

Green says that, although the funeral was originally scheduled for Dec. 16th, because Pres. Obama came to Newtown on Dec. 16th he had to change it to Dec. 17th.  He says at par. 21 that he made a change to Box 31 of the death certificate to reflect that fact; but there is no change evident in box 31 of any of the DC's.

Green says burial occurred at the B'nai Israel Cemetery.  By law, as Green says, the burial permit must be turned over to the sexton of the cemetery at the time of interment, who files it with the town  clerk of the town in which the cemetery is located.  B'nai Israel Cemetery is in the Town of Monroe.  Ah:  this is why he needed the burial permit on a separate piece of paper.  The death certificate must be filed in the town where the death occurred, which is Newtown.  So we have three municipalities in the mix.  Interestingly, Green never says he provided the burial permit to the sexton, or to anyone else, a material omission in his affidavit.  I did a records request to the Town of Monroe not only asking for a copy of the burial permit filed with the Town, but for the sexton's monthly report, also required by law.   In a second FOIA I asked for the identity of the sexton for B'nai Israel cemetery in Dec. 2012 and Jan. 2013.  The clerk acknowledged receipt of both requests but has not produced any records.  Under Connecticut's Freedom of Information law responsive documents are required to be provided within four days of the request; otherwise, the request is taken as denied.  So both my requests have been denied, which can only mean one thing:  the records do not exist.  They were never created. Thus, there was no permit for the burial of Noah Pozner.  That means there was no burial. 

And equally curious, there is no information online as to who the sexton even is today, for the B'nai Israel Cemetery. 

The contention that there is no evidence whatsoever of a burial has been bolstered by Leonard Pozner himself.  He was asked, in requests for production by Dr. Fetzer's publisher and co-defendant Wrongs Without Wremedies, to produce all his receipts for the funeral service and coffin purchase; sales contract and deed for the burial plot; and receipts for costs of embalmment supplies, mortuary services, transportation services, ushers and other personnel at the service.  Pozner responded under oath that he has not located such documents but is "continuing to search" for them.  This was on April 24, 2019, and that's the last we've heard.  It's not clear he was even present at the funeral.  Veronique was accompanied by some other man, as well as a woman in a blue scarf and multicolored coat who stuck to her like glue.   This woman's obviously not a family member, being of the wrong race.  Where are Veronique's family members?  Where's Uncle Alexis?  Where are Noah's grandparents, on either side? Where are putative sisters Arielle and Sophie, and step-siblings Michael and Danielle Vabner?? 

Image result for Veronique Pozner at funeral
Image result for Veronique Pozner at funeralSee the source image

And who is Veronique waving goodbye to?

 Image result for woman waving goodbye tearfully

Note, 12/31/19:  I got an email this afternoon from the Monroe town clerk, Vida Stone.  She says she has four pages in response to my records requests and it will be $2.00.  I told her the requests were  denied as a matter of law after four days, so no thanks.  I had suspected this might happen once I published this blog post!

*Hmm, would that be the same Richard Gutjahr who happened to be at TWO mass shootings in the same month in two different counties and was an active member of Lenny’s “Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous”?  You got it!


  1. Beyond interesting. Great research.

  2. This blog post was republished at, where there are many interesting comments.

    As an afterthought, I realized that, because the death certificate was required to be filed in Newtown, but the burial permit was required to be filed in Monroe, the burial permit would have had to be on a separate piece of paper. So that would be the reason Green would not just stamp the back of the death certificate to serve as that permit.

    I am 100% confident there is no burial permit for Noah Pozner.

  3. Sunny, as usual you come through loud and clear. Thank you for all your efforts.

    Top photo shows Veronique Haller-Vabner-Pozner-De La Rosa being escorted by Samuel A. Green, owner of the funeral home. No family members at her side in the many published photos, not even adult son Michael Vabner.

    1. You are amazing, Anne! Thanks for your observations and for figuring out who the guy is.

  4. Fetzering
    Noun: 1. The act of making an unfounded or unsubstantiated claim.
    2. In philosophy, a method of debate or discussion based of the premise of: I think, therefore I am. I think you're wrong. therefore you are.
    3. The act of disagreeing by employing rancor, name calling, ad hominem attacks or straw man argument.

    Etymology: Fetzering began in earnest in the late 1960's, being implemented by a JFK conspiracy theorist and has since expanded it's use in the 9/11 debate arena.
    1. Without evidence your claim is simple fetzering.

    2. He should rely on his data instead of fetzering.

    1. That comment actually has no relevance to what I posted, which is based on the sworn affidavit of Samuel Green and results of FOIA's to governmental agencies.

      And it constitutes "substantiation" of Fetzer's claim that the death certificate was forged, since it assuredly was.