Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Goons Who Stalk Me

I've been prominently "exposed" on a very nasty website at least since July 2019, the registrant and "purchaser" of which is Leonard Pozner.  Named as the current owner of the site (which makes no sense, since he's the one who sold it to Poz, yet Poz was the registrant!) is a 46-year-old California meth addict who has federal child pornography charges pending against him named Doug Maguire.  Pozner pays Maguire with gift cards, a nice little tax avoidance scheme for Doug.

Here's Doug. 

I can't point readers to this website without defaming myself further; and, in fact, a Pinterest page has come up with the same crap on it.  Suffice it to say that it invades my privacy, libels me, and jeopardizes my personal safety.  Having little choice but to set the record straight, though, not only have I no "financial improprieties" in my past, as they lamely try to show, I have a credit score of over 800, despite being unemployed or underemployed for many years now.  I pay my bills and live within my means.  So that's an outright lie.  I also have no criminal record.  I have testimonials from numerous former clients about what a dedicated lawyer I am and how much I have helped them, often without compensation.  Here are six affidavits attesting to my dedication and competence which I submitted to overcome the 2009 order to show cause why I should not be sent to a mental evaluation, which the disciplinary judge issued on his own motion.  This bogus disability proceeding was prosecuted in violation of Colorado Supreme Court rules, in conjunction with the groundless four-year disciplinary siege they subjected me to at the behest of a combination of crooked lawyers and judges who knew that what I had uncovered, and was litigating, could not only mess up their billion-dollar water thefts, but put them in prison.  So they got me first.  There is only a small bit of this history set forth in this blog so far, since it enrages me and fills me with despair to revisit everything I went through, but more is coming. 

So my reputation was already trashed and my life ruined long before Poseur and Magoo founded their scurrilous website, but they have now toppled what I have tried to rebuild--and ruined the lives of other Sandy Hook skeptics, too.  I asked them to take the entire website down.  I told them I would publish what I had on them if they didn't, but they have not even responded to that warning.  So here is the quid pro quo.

There is such a staggering amount of evidence that the Sandy Hook "shooting" was a staged affair that I can't possibly recount it here, but that's obviously the starting point for exposing these two gatekeepers.  Those unfamiliar with the psy op should read this pleading, which contains safe links to exhibits that Wolfgang Halbig filed in the case against him in Connecticut, and Jim Fetzer's book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which can be downloaded for free online.  The key operative for the staged event is, in fact, Pozner, who has set up approximately 40 domains the principal purpose of which is  to attack Sandy Hook skeptics, and boasted about removing 10,000 content items from the internet.  Here's an investigative report on Pozner done in Sept. 2016.  According to it he's used the Social Security number of a deceased woman named Anna M. Maguire (who must be connected to Pozner's cohort Doug Maguire, although I haven't been able to make the connection, myself).  Pozner also owns a gun with a laser sight.  Yeah, I'm sure happy this creep knows where I live!  Here's another report naming Pozner as an "employee" of the website I'm talking about.  OK, the name of this garbage website is

I had earlier linked to Leonard Pozner's video deposition, but have been urged to remove the link, so I have.*   The video and transcript say "confidential," and although breach of that confidentiality order was the reason for the outrageous $7,000 fine Wisconsin Toady Judge Frank Remington levied on Jim Fetzer for contempt, the order was entered without due process and is overbroad, in violation of applicable statutes.  That means it is void. There's no financial information or anything else plausibly confidential in it.   It strongly appears the purpose of the protective order is to keep people from comparing still images from it, since the man in the deposition looks nothing like the man holding adorable little "Noah" in published photos:

[If the image I placed here is removed or squashed, please use this link.]  And this:

Pozner claims that he's had to move several times due to harassment by "hoaxers."  This is not supported by the investigative report.  Although it shows many addresses, the only ones which would support his claim would be those initiated after 12/14/12.  Post office boxes, UPS stores, and offices don't count.  One which might qualify, 22215 Bella Lago Dr., Apt. 2124, Boca Raton, FL, used from 7/8/13 to 4/9/14, comes up in the name of Veronique Pozner as a nurse.  The address 418 W. 130th, New York, NY, a basement apartment in use from 2/2014 through 9/2015, also might qualify, although these two overlap a little.  So, possibly two residences in the first four years after the psy op, and this couple supposedly divorced in 2014 so of course they want separate residences by that point.  That would be the reason for that move.  Because the report was done in September 2016, moves after that date are not shown, but because no information for Leonard Pozner (or "Posner") even comes up in search services like or Intelius, how would people interested in harassing him even find him?  They would have had to pay for another report like this one.

In fact, there is no reliable evidence Leonard and Veronique were even married.  Jim Fetzer tried to get the marriage license in discovery in the lawsuit Leonard filed against him, and Judge Remington prohibited it as "irrelevant."  Despite this ruling Lenny's attorney then produced Lenny's affidavit attesting to the marriage, which was inadmissible not only as "irrelevant," per the order the attorney himself had gotten in place, but because it was not the best evidence:  it lacked information such as the date and place of the marriage, names and signatures of witnesses and the officiant, and of course certification by a governmental entity.  And there was no reason proffered why the license itself had not been produced.  We are entitled to conclude it does not exist.  Similarly, there is no indicia of a divorce.  In her petition for bankruptcy filed in Sept. 2012, Veronique asserted that she owned 3 Kale Davis Rd. on her own.  No mention of a husband anywhere in the document, yet she was supposedly married to Leonard until 2014. 

As for Mr. Magoo, who uses a UPS box in Toluca Lake, California, for his address, he makes death threats which have been ignored by the Burbank police department, since it is apparently using him as an informant, and films himself talking about committing and videotaping murders.

This upstanding citizen was outed by Felix Pantaleon, another person who has been dragged through the lawsuit mill by Pozner.*  The second one of the videos linked to above refers to Maguire as a "failed actor, drug addict, and criminal."  I could not watch all of that, it is so appalling.  Doug Maguire used to be a "hoaxer"--even merited a thank-you in the credits of "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook"--but he turned.  Although his writings are largely incomprehensible it appears he lost access to his young son because of involvement in "the hoaxer cult," which his wife found distasteful.  Right.  I would venture to say there was a lot of other stuff she didn't like and she feared for her and her son's safety, the reason for the restraining order Maguire alludes to.

Anyway, now that Maguire's not involved in the cult, and has even turned against it for the big bucks, does that mean he got his son back?   Or must he continue libeling people he doesn't even know in order to ensure continued visitation?  Damn it, Magoo, I am not responsible for your domestic troubles.  I intend to write a letter to the court, if I can find it (not easy in California), and let them know about your publishing my personal information on the web and defaming me, along with others, totally unprovoked, intentionally to cause us harm.

*There is a very key admission in this deposition which establishes that Pozner and his attorney Jake Zimmerman made a misrepresentation to the court earlier.  Pozner agrees in the deposition that the uncertified death certificate Jim Fetzer published in his book is the death certificate which he had posted on his Google Plus page, where Fetzer got it from.  But in the affidavit signed under oath by Pozner in support of his motion for summary judgment, which Zimmerman submitted to the court, he states under oath that a certified copy of the death certificate is what was posted on the Google Plus page.  Attached to the affidavit are two certified versions as exhibits and yet a third certified version was an attachment to the complaint.  These misrepresentations to the court will be the subject of a grievance against Jake Zimmerman's law license in the near future.

Thanks to several researchers who don't want to be named.  Your having dug up this goldmine of information about Mr. Magoo is greatly appreciated, by all of his victims!


A little comparison, since we are all laughing over the photo of that dweeb:

The resemblance is striking!

       *Pozner's case against Felix Pantaleon in Florida was just dismissed, 1-17-20.   The case is bolstered that Pozner is a vexatious litigant.  Let's hope an order barring him from filing more lawsuits is in his future.        


  1. Thank you Alison. You are a top-notch researcher and I am very sorry that you have been punished for simply speaking the truth.

    Are you able to find any reliable evidence that James Fetzer served in the USMC, as he claims? I have been unable to locate anything credible.

  2. I have not looked into that, or even know what types of documents may be publicly available, but I have not seen anything in Jim's behavior that would dispose me to think he would lie about his military service, or anything else.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. You should look into it. Literally the only evidence Dr. Fetzer has offered as evidence of his military service is a handful of old photos, supposedly of him in uniform. One has been forensically proven to be a photo of John McCain in uniform; the others are too blurry to identify anybody.

    There are no records to indicate Fetzer ever served in the military, and nobody has come forward to claim that they served with him. In private exchanges, even his children have expressed doubts to me about his claims of service.

    It's unfortunate that this cloud is allowed to hang over Dr. Fetzer's otherwise stunning record.

  5. Have you made your own records request to the Marines? I believe the DD-214 is a public record.

  6. Fetzering
    Noun: 1. The act of making an unfounded or unsubstantiated claim.
    2. In philosophy, a method of debate or discussion based of the premise of: I think, therefore I am. I think you're wrong. therefore you are.
    3. The act of disagreeing by employing rancor, name calling, ad hominem attacks or straw man argument.

    Etymology: Fetzering began in earnest in the late 1960's, being implemented by a JFK conspiracy theorist and has since expanded it's use in the 9/11 debate arena.
    1. Without evidence your claim is simple fetzering.

    2. He should rely on his data instead of fetzering.

  7. A DD-214 is not a public record.

    When a DD-214 is recorded with a discharged servicemember's local register of deeds, as it must be to obtain veteran's benefits, the recording will be a public record.

    No DD-214 for Dr. Fetzer is recorded in any US jurisdiction, and while Dr. Fetzer claims to have his DD-214 in his possession, has declined to share it.

  8. Well, there are other reasons besides not having served, at all, for his not wishing to release his records. Maybe he received something other than an honorable discharge. Or maybe there is personal information in it he does not wish to reveal. You have not said you used FOIA, by the way.